Your office desk serves as a sanctuary during the daily grind. Day by day all you see is either the brown, grey, white or black cold material of your office table. So, why not try revamping your desk to reflect your fun and sometimes creative self?

Here are ten easy and enjoyable do-it-yourself flower arrangements that will definitely brighten and warm your office haven, while you try winning in life.

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1. Greens and Yellows

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All you need for this arrangement are a glass jar or any container of your choice, trimmed branches of green and brown plants, and yellow roses. You can get fresh green plants and beautiful yellow roses from any florist in your area.

      1. You can start off with setting the green plants as a base around the vase.
      2. Next, you may place the yellow roses anywhere around the green base.
      3. Finish it off by adding brown plants for embellishment. But, it is optional since the greens and yellow roses are charming in itself.

2. The Elegant Bouquet

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To truly reveal yourself in this project, you may use a combination of your favorite flowers rather than a single flower variety. Here are the steps to achieve this simple, but elegant floral arrangement:

  1. You should have a grid of tape placed on the opening of the container. The grid will ensure that the flowers stay in place. It is preferable to use waterproof tapes for this project, however, ordinary tapes will do. But, be sure that these are securely taped to the jar.
  2. On another container, loosely place the greenery inside.
  3. You can now arrange your chosen flowers inside the vases.

The important thing to note in this floral design is to neatly arrange the flowers inside the jar using the tape grid as a guide.

3. Spring in a Jar

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This arrangement will bring a slice of spring in your office desk. The flowers that can be used are not limited to dahlias and Tracheliums. You may have other alluring spring flowers grown in Australia like daffodils, tulips, cream eucalyptus, and gerbera daisies among many other spring flowers available to you.

  1. Start with cutting the flowers' and the berzelia berries (this could be other green plants as well) to your desired length.
  2. Place the berzelia berries into the jar. 
  3. Arrange the flowers proportionately around the berzelia berries. 
  4. Garnish the arrangement with eucalyptus seedlings to give it a fuller look.

The materials used do not have to be expensive and hard to find. Many florists can readily offer you with a wide array of flowers and floral arrangement materials that suit your budget.

4. Serenity and Peace

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Color white does not necessarily have to be boring. White flowers combined with a touch of greens guarantee to give you a fresh and serene workspace. This simple arrangement will do the trick.

  1. Fill the jar or chosen container with flower food and water mixture. The flower food is a packet of powder-like material used to help freshness longevity.
  2. Trim down the greeneries and flowers to the length you want, and remove excess leaves from the flowers. This will help you achieve a less chaotic flower arrangement.
  3. Place a base of greeneries for each of the three jars or containers
  4. Insert bunched-up flowers into the center of the green base.

Each jar uses one kind of flower, but you may also want to mix-and-match different white and green flowers.

5. The Flower Bowl

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The materials include white or transparent bowl in the size of your choice. A small bowl may be suited for office desk to give you more room to perform your tasks. You need to have three types of flowers in different colors (i.e. yellow tulips and pink carnations) with leaves and waterproof tapes or ordinary tapes. You can follow these procedures or you may create your own:

  1. Create a grid using the tapes on top of the bowl.
  2. Put a single flower on the center of the bowl, using the tape grid as guide and support.
  3. Place the first variety of flower on the outer squares made by the tapes
  4. The second flower variety will then be placed on the inner squares filling the entire squares around the flower towards the center of the bowl 

Flowers have its language that represents different attributes and meanings. For instance, yellow tulips mean happiness and joy, red roses mean love and pink carnations represent mother's love. You can have fun choosing different flowers for this project that represent yourself or the atmosphere you want your workstation to have.

6. Flowers Immersed

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This submerged floral arrangement may originally be made for centerpieces at home. But, flowers are flexible decors when made with enough creativity and imagination. You can have your own version of this arrangement that will flatter the austere office table.

You may need glass vases or any transparent cylindrical containers; flowers of your choice; water and scissors.

  1. Fill the vases or container with water halfway.
  2. Put the your chosen flowers inside the vase and arrange it the way you may want it to look.
  3. Continue filling the vase with water nearing its brim.

With three sweat-free steps, you now have a wonderful adornment in your desk. Keep in mind that you need to regularly change the water to keep it clean and fresh looking.

7. The Energizer

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The orange color usually represents the sunset and the relaxation. Yet, orange may also signify determination, enthusiasm, and creativity. These attitudes should be embodied to translate work to success. The Energizer help boosts these attributes simply by enhancing your work area with lively orange flowers.

You need to have different kinds of orange flowers, a transparent vase or jar and flat and long leaves.

  1. Fill the vase halfway with water.
  2. Wrap the inner part of the vase with flat big leaves.
  3. Place a grid of tape on top of the face.
  4. Place the orange flowers inside the base according to their kinds.

In every floral arrangement design, artistry and style have no limit. You may arrange the flowers in any way you like and take pleasure in conveying what you feel. Show them what you've got and enjoy while you're at it!

8. Flower Treats

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You are never too old to have a stash of candies. These may even help you get through your workday. Inspired with black, white and yellow, this flower arrangement brings together fun and charm. This design, however, works with different colors, like your favorite shade!

You will need to have a cylindrical flower vase, candy sticks with a length similar to the vase and flowers
in the same color with your candy sticks. You can recreate this design through these easy steps:

  1. Place a bunch of flowers inside the vase, make sure that you still have enough space to insert the candy sticks.
  2. Line each candy sticks inside filling the entire side area of the vase.
  3. You can add ribbons to accentuate the design.

Now, you have beauty and tasty rolled into one.

9. Hodge Podge

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As its name suggests, this arrangement is a messy mixture of flowers, minus the mess.

The supplies you need includes different types of flowers preferably in the related or complementary hues; green leaves, a roll of tape and a glass vase, a wide-mouthed jar or container.

The arrangement may be completed through these procedures:

  1. Form a circle with your leaves, and make sure it fits through the vase.
  2. Place the tape on the opening of the vase creating a grid.
  3. Pour enough water on the vase.
  4. Cut the stem of the flowers a little higher than the length if the vase.
  5. Completely remove leaves from the some flowers, but not on all flowers.
  6. Haphazardly place the different flowers using the grid.

In this arrangement, you can fill as many flowers as the diameter or area of the vase will allow. The secret in making it look terrific is to make it appear full and overflowing. But, it should not be chaotic so every flower may shine.

10. The Minimalist

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In contrast with the Hodge Podge design, The Minimalist is grounded on the principle of simplicity. This is appropriate if you want to make your desk appear neat, but with sweet floral arrangement accent.

You will need the following supplies: a small wooden box without a cover, two clusters of big and round white flowers, a bunch of small flowers in any color and a small amount of greenery.

  1. Create a bed of greenery randomly placed in on the wooden box.
  2. Put the two big and round cluster of flowers side by side.
  3. Insert the small bunches of flowers in the middle of the two flower clusters.

A useful tip in achieving this arrangement is to only use fewer elements.

You may use the techniques of the different flower arrangements to create a whole other set of new designs you may want to experiment on. Always remember that you do this to express yourself, and enjoy while doing so. Just let your creativity flow freely, and don’t forget to have fun!