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Activities for Mother’s Day


This is the second of two blog posts on celebrating Mother’s Day. While this one is focused on activities, the is post on Wednesday covered suggested Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and many people are already settled on how they are going to make it special for their mother, partner, grandmothers, aunts or other women who have supported and nurtured them. Maybe you and Mum or your favourite aunt have a tradition of choosing plants for her yard and spending the day gardening? More sporting families may like to indulge in a bit of hiking or water sports together. Of course a get together with lots of delicious food on the BBQ is also a favourite in Australia. Following are some other ideas on how to make this a day she’ll remember:

Home-Made Dinner

As I get older, time with family seems to become limited to holidays and birthdays, meaning less time with my mom. This year could just be about bonding and having a nice meal with Mom. I’m sure she wants to hear what’s been going on in your life in person, not just over the phone. Go to her house or have her over while you prepare her favourite meal.

Summer Kick-Off

For active families in the Norther Hemisphere, let Mother’s Day be the first family activity of the summer, while for those below the equator it may be your first occasion to plan something to take advantage of the cooler autumn weather. Each week plan a family event. From sports or hiking to movie night or cooking a meal together, get the whole family involved by allowing the children to choose the activity and even sending the invitation out to extended family.

A family with strong and healthy relationships seems to be linked to a healthy diet and exercise. For example, cooking healthy meals with your young children will teach them to treat their bodies well from a young age for life-long self-nourishment. The physical benefits of family time stimulate mental health and encourage an active lifestyle.


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Suggestions for a Mommy Day-Off

Mothers are inherently busy people, so why not give your own a well-deserved day off from her everyday responsibilities? Offer to take over her to-do list for the day, whether that means going to the grocery store or taking on a home improvement project, and send her somewhere she can relax. Find spas with great deals and get a fresh coat of polish on your hands and toes. What’s great about manicures and pedicures is that most places include a mini massage a part of the package. Find a local salon that does a manicure-pedicure-massage combination or offers nail polish with the purchase of your manicure. It’s occasions like these that salons and spas want to pamper mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and families alike.Surprise her with a spa certificate or massage voucher, or by transforming the living room into a binge-watching theater (think dimmed lights, shades drawn, a snuggly blanket and comfort food) for some hardcore rest and relaxation. Alternatively, if your mother is more enthusiastic about “we” time than “me” time, organise a surprise lunch or afternoon with her girlfriends — or even better, you.


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‘Mom, You’re The Best’ Mason Jar Session

For a gift that really says, “Mom, you rock!” — and will remind her of that every day for the next year — this DIY craft idea accomplishes just that and is something that can be a family activity. Get together with your siblings, cousins or friends to create these for all the special women in your life! Come up with 365 ways to tell your mother, aunt, grandmother or other women how much you care and appreciate them, whether it’s reminiscing about a specific memory, saying “thank you” for something particular, or sharing a short and sweet poem, quote or saying. Write your ideas down on small, foldable note cards or paper scraps and put them inside a decorated jar or canister. This DIY, highly personalised gesture will remind these special women how special they are is to you every single day, and is something that she can treasure and even reuse for years to come. The act of making these might even become a family tradition or an annual activity you look forward to with friends.

planting a tree

Plant a Tree Together

Plant a tree or perennial plant with your mother in a location that is significant for both of you, and that you can return to every year. Not only will you be giving back to nature and spending some valuable time outdoors, but each year when the plant blooms or its leaves change color, your mom (or the special lady in your life) can admire the physical beauty of something you’ve created, together.

…via 7 Meaningful Moments To Share With Your Mom This Mother’s Day and Celebrating Mom: Mother’s Day Activities | Women’s Lifestyle

With so many options and there is certainly something you can do to make this a very special occasion. How will you create meaningful memories with the special women in your life this Mother’s Day?


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