Not enough money in your pockets dude? You are troubled, literally broke and couldn’t find any other ideas to make your girl happy. What you lack is not cold, hard cash but creative imagination. It’s not entirely true that nothing is free. For a fact, emotions are free. To love is without cost. Our perception of what a perfect date look like is what makes our belief too narrow. We always think that a reservation in a fancy restaurant is very romantic. But if you come to think of it, all you get from that place is good food that will demand tons of money.

Basically, you should start thinking out of the box. There is something dreamy with a spontaneous date. You don’t have to completely plan everything. Sometimes you just have to act on the first idea that comes to mind. You can even just pick out fresh red roses online or from your backyard to surprise her. Winning a girl’s heart is no simple task. Nevertheless, you can always start by showing how much you love her through simple things. Don’t worry too much about the “simple things”, we have here some cost-effective date ideas to put you out of your misery.

Go outside and have a picnic

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Come up with a place that is an ideal venue for a hearty outdoor meal. Preferably one that has a clear and flat area where one could sit on. You absolutely don’t want your girl to feel back pains after sitting and chatting all day with you. She needs to be comfortable so that she will enjoy every moment of your conversation. Also, choose a spot that has a breathtaking view e.g parks and rooftops. Remember the necessities such as utensils and a blanket. And of course, the food, don’t ever forget that important detail. Typical picnic foods are chips, biscuits, sandwiches, fruits, soda, and water. The food you prepare should be something convenient to eat and serve.

Look up and gaze at the stars

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This one is what you usually see on movies. Romantic eh? Indeed, but it isn’t expensive. All you have to do is find that perfect spot where you both can gaze up the stars. Your knowledge in astrology will come in handy.

It’s about time you show your cooking skills

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If you are good with the kitchen, brag your cooking skills! Set up that perfect meal inside your house and let her taste your specialty. The famous expression “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” is very much applicable to women. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his way into the kitchen. Moreover, your girl will see you as a husband material.

Go and watch your favorite movie

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During summer, free “movies in the park” is quite a thing. Grab some popcorn and some drinks and you are all set. Make sure that you have a blanket. Also don’t forget to bring a coat just in case she gets cold, don’t miss out an opportunity to impress her.

Sing your hearts out!

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Who doesn’t love to sing? Even if you can’t handle a single note or two, the most important thing is that you both are having fun. Pull out that classic Elvis Presley song and it’s guaranteed that your girl will have a hilarious time. But if you want to appear charming, choose a love song and dedicate it to her.

Hit the beach and wait for that sunset

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The ocean has a particular serene effect. As you both wait for that sunset, use that time to get to know her more. Engage her in a meaningful conversation.

Bike and have fun

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Invite her for a bike ride. Bring your bicycle and if you are lucky, teach her how to ride. It’s a chance to be one with nature and you don’t even need to pay for gasoline.

These are just a few tips you could use to spice up that date. To win her heart, you must show her the real you. Money is never an issue. Be original and spontaneous.