This just in!

The electric pink and deep grey-green leaves will make you fall in love with this newest addition to the lavender family. ‘The Princess’ was bred in Australia and found to be a famous type of lavender. Of course, it will not disappoint us with its scent as it is as fragrant as the others of its kinds.

If you are from the Victoria area, the news is that these beauties are shoppers’ favourite. Why not when it is low maintenance and can be grown either in planters or freely in your garden. It will create a wonderful addition for small or big scale gardeners.

In 2014, The Princess was awarded by the Australian Business Awards under the Product Innovation category as the Plant of the Year. A real pride of the Plant Growers Australia (PGA), it took them 15 years to grow and produce the richest pink tint of blooms. These blossoms can be produced in good amount too. So if you haven’t gotten your hand on these flowers yet, you don’t have to be upset.

For those who have grown some in their gardens and those who are planning, there are a lot of things you can do with them. Here are some.

Make bath bombs

Fragrant lavenders and bubbly bath bombs will make bathing more fun and interesting. So dive in and relax with the aromatic scent of these lavender bath bombs. It is definitely going to be a wonderful way to let go of the day’s stress. So grab that lavender oil, citric acid, baking soda and start moulding!

 Frosting on cupcakes

Who says lavender are only meant for smelling when they’re so appetising? For your next baking project, why don’t you try adding lavender buds and flavouring for a nice tea? This is perfect for lazy Saturday afternoons. Just throw in buds with your regular cupcake recipe.

Lavender incense sticks

If you’re into intricate relaxation activities, then have a DIY lavender incense. With the use of lavender oil, gum Arabic and charcoal, you will instantly have incense sticks you can use while doing meditation and yoga.  

As fragrant linen sprays

Fill a spray bottle of lavender oil, isopropyl alcohol, and water, and you will instantly have a mixture of fragrant linen spray. Lavenders are truly wonderful blooms that give off a magnificent scent. Spraying them on your linens will help with deep and sound nightly sleep.

Lavender tea

Lavenders are traditionally used for its medicinal qualities along with the long list of its uses. So many people used these blooms to create a tea for relaxation, digestion and to loosen up muscles. You can pair your lavender cupcakes with an equally delicious lavender tea.

Fresh blooms on the cake

I have attended a wedding once, and it amazed me that the cake is decorated with fresh lavenders. I could not contain my excitement and badger my mum into getting me a slice. Just like what I expected the cake was fragrant and delicious to its core. Maybe you can bake some and have a slice of heaven for yourself.

Sachet for gifts

If you’re a bride to be, this is a perfect gift for guests. You will only need strips of cloth made, fresh lavender buds, ribbons and tags to complete the present. This is a fun project because you can personalise them from colours to stamps and ribbons. Guests can use them as car and drawer fresheners.  You can even make a basket of lavender bath salts for gifts.

As an addition to your garden

Definitely not the least in this list is to grow lavender stalks in your garden. Watch out for seedlings of the latest discovered lavenders and see if you can get one yourself. If not, you may find available species from the local florist in Brisbane area.

There is so much more that you can do with The Princess if you’ve got enough imagination and of course lavender plants.