Be my Valentine

Be my Valentine: 10 Valentine’s Day do’s and don’ts


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. How has this happened so quickly? Wasn’t it just Christmas last week? To help you not get into a fluster as the day of love rolls in, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts that should keep you from getting it wrong. While nothing is set in stone and this is a day that is all about love, some traditions that need to be adhered to and there are certain traps to avoid (see number one!).  Following is what we have pulled together, some funny and others dead serious:

1) Don’t Forget

Unless you fancy a few days of the silent treatment. However small-scale your plans are, just make sure you do something!

2) Do Make an Effort

Remember that much-used phrase, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, when planning your Valentine’s Day festivities. It doesn’t have to be expensive, which is always good news, but it does have to be something that shows you care (awwwww). Take them to that restaurant they’ve wanted to try, call in the babysitter or make them a gift (which by default is something they’ll have to keep forever).

3) Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High

Keep your expectations in check, or you might not be able to hide that look of disappointment when you open the 20% cocoa chocolates and petrol station flowers. Though if you are keen on receiving something special, we’re recommending you start dropping those (not so) subtle hints, right about now.

4) Do Plan Ahead

Don’t be one of those Valentine’s fails found queueing out of the card shop door at 5pm on the day. Book that barber shop quartet, have that tailcoat dry cleaned and pucker up those rouged lips. Remember: preparation is everything.

5) Don’t Do Something Only You Will Enjoy

Are tickets to your favourite team’s upcoming match really going to excite her? Is he going to love eating little sandwiches and scones for afternoon tea at a swanky hotel? Try a little selflessness this year and ask, ‘What would they love to do for Valentine’s?’. Relationships are about compromise, after all…

6) Do Have a Technology-free Valentine’s

Put down your mobile, turn off your iPad, close your laptop and resist the urge to give a running commentary of your meal on Twitter. We know it can be difficult in the digital age, but why not try a distraction-free evening, and just enjoy each other’s company?

7) Don’t Try to Wiggle Out

Don’t try to get out of celebrating Valentine’s Day by claiming that this is just a manufactured holiday created by the greeting card companies in some sort of crazy Oliver Stone-esque conspiracy to take your money. Your spouse or partner may nod along as you say this, but it won’t stop them from crying quietly into their pillow at night and Googling a good divorce attorney. Only do this if you would like to not be dating the same person come next Valentine’s Day.

8) Do Show Affection

We can be a pretty reserved nation when we want to be, and even an arm around the shoulders makes us squirm a little. Go in for the kiss at the end of the night or even during the night. It’s Valentine’s Day, why not? Next to New Year’s at midnight, this might be your best shot ever. Valentine’s Day is the one day where PDA is A-OK, but fear not, normal service will resume on 15th February.

9) Don’t Be Afraid to Be Cheesy

After all, the whole essence of Valentine’s is a little bit ‘stilton’. Recite a poem, record a mix tape or pen a love letter, if you do it any other day of the year, it’s frankly a little odd.

10) Do Embrace It

Buy flowers or chocolate or jewellery or lingerie or all of the above. Screw it add a balloon or two as well. Go all out, be that guy or that girl, your date will probably love it.

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We hope this helps you navigate the Valentine’s Day with the poise. Go forth and woo with with confidence.