Floriade Flower Festival

Flowers make the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts for loved ones. No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with giving a lovely bouquet.

Indeed, these wonderful works of nature bring a certain kind of joy. In fact, statistics have shown the benefits of flowers to people. It’s no wonder huge festivals are celebrated around the world just to celebrate their beauty.

In this post, we’ll go around the world and learn about some of the most popular flower festivals.

Pasadena, California

America’s New Year celebration, the Rose Parade is held every January 1 in Pasadena, California. The very first one was held on January 1, 1980 and has since then attracted a large audience. This grand flower festival showcases flower-covered floats, live music, beauty contests, equestrians and the highly-anticipated Rose Bowl football game.

The floats are decorated according to themes and paraded on the streets where they are judged. Hundreds of thousands of people line the streets to witness this stunning display of colours and flowers in the U.S. The event is broadcast on various television networks across the United States.

Canberra, Australia

Also known as Australia’s Celebration of Spring, the Floriade Flower Festival is held annually for a month running from mid-September to mid-October. The event is filled with sights, sounds and scents of spring – hence its monicker. Every year, the Floriade draws a huge crowd to the country’s capital making it the most important tourism event of the year.

A different theme is celebrated each year which is reflected in its spectacular floral displays. Tourists and locals alike feast their eyes on some of the finest flowers in Canberra. The festival also features live music performances, sculptures, cultural celebrations, gnome decorating competition, recreational activities and various types of entertainment.

Chelsea, London

Another much awaited flower event is the Chelsea Flower Show, also known as the Great Spring Show, in Chelsea, London. This huge garden show runs for five days every year in May. Organized by the Royal Horticultural Society, it is reckoned as the most popular gardening event in the world. The Chelsea Flower Show’s main attraction is the centre piece of floral marquee. It also features magnificent show gardens intricately designed by notable names.

Brussels, Belgium

Considered one of the most unique flower festivals, the Flower Carpet in Brussels is definitely one for the books. Unlike most festivals that are held every year, this event is held every other year and there are no parades. Different florists gather on this day to create a carpet of flowers right in the middle of the Main Square, a work of art that is truly breathtaking. This festival is an absolute must-see for every flower enthusiast.

Genzano, Italy

In June of each year, Genzano becomes the centre of attention with its grandiose display of flower art and Genzano artists’ pride. The street of Belardo is covered by local artists with thousands of colourful flowers in patterns inspired by famous paintings, religious art and other renowned works of art. Every year, a specific theme is agreed upon by the artists. The flower carpet is displayed on the streets for two days and on the third day, school children get to destroy the masterpiece as they are permitted to run amok.

Medellin, Colombia

Did you know that about 70% of the flowers in America come from Colombia? It’s only right they celebrate their own flower festival with much pride.

The city of Medellin is the home of the Festival of the Flowers, locally known as the Feria de Las Flores. It’s a week-long festival that showcases magnificent flower displays and the world-renowned Silleteros Parade. The parade symbolises the end of slavery. Apart from the parade, the festival is composed of various events such as live musical performances, the International Pageant of the Flowers and the famous Paso Fino Horse Parade. This festival is certainly something every flower lover should see.

Valencia, Spain

Avid flower fanatics head to Spain to witness and participate in the Batalla de Flores. Held in Valencia, this festival kicks off with a grand parade featuring huge decorated floats pulled by horses. The stunning floats also carry a number of young girls who are dressed to the float’s theme. After the floats have made rounds on the parade route, the flower battle starts. Spectators and float participants throw flowers at each other, hence the name of the festival. It’s all good fun!

Funchal, Portugal

Spain’s next-door neighbour, Portugal, has its very own flower festival as well. Their Madeira Flower Festival runs for four days and nights which means it’s four times the fun! The event has two parades where the loveliest flowers in the country are the biggest superstars. The Children’s Parade kicks off the festival followed by the main parade later on.

In addition to the gorgeous parades, houses and shops in the city showcase fantastic floral displays. A splendid flower carpet is also laid on the streets of the city offering an amazing visual experience for spectators. But the festival is not just a treat for the eyes. The pleasant aroma of the flowers fills the air to the delight of everyone’s olfactory senses.

Baguio, Philippines

Going to Asia, the flowers in the Philippines are not to be underestimated. This tropical country is home to another world-class flower festival – the Panagbenga Festival. Held in Baguio City every February, the festival’s name means “season of blooming.” Panagbenga is a month-long festival celebrating the city’s beautiful flowers. It is also a celebration of culture and tradition which is a constant reminder for the younger generations.

Like most of the festivals on this list, Panagbenga is an impressive show of majestic floats covered with flowers, street dancing and graceful dancers in flower-inspired costumes. The event draws a large audience every year boosting the city’s tourism and economy.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another gem in Southeast Asia, Thailand is also proud to share its own flower festival to the world. Held on the first weekend of February, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival offers striking displays of white and yellow chrysanthemums, Dendrobium orchids, the yellow Daoruang and a rose variety that is found only in Chiang Mai, the Damask Rose.

The event’s main focus is the Suan Buak Haad, a public garden on the south-western corner of the moat. There is also a parade featuring decorated floats, lovely girls and dancers wearing colourful traditional costumes. Parade participants give out roses to spectators on the streets. Flower enthusiasts who wish to see exotic flowers in Chiang Mai should include this festival on their list.

Know any popular flower festival? Or been to one? Share your experience here.