Because the thought matters most when it comes to choosing a beautiful bouquet for your mother, pay extra thought to which flowers you include in the bouquet. Using this guide, choose flowers that best suit her personality.


According to Greek mythology, the rose is queen over all the other flowers. While a bouquet of red roses with no other colour is traditionally a romantic gift, dark pink and light pink roses are a demonstration of gratefulness and elegance. Red roses, when mixed in with other colours, represent courage and passion. The right assortment of colours in a bouquet of roses is perfect for a strong, passionate mother.

The delicate lily is a perfect flower to include in a bouquet for a mother known for her graceful presence and sincere heart. Pure white petals signify a pure heart. According to Roman mythology, lilies came to Earth when Juno was nursing her son, Hercules. This makes the lily an ideal flower for a Mother’s Day bouquet.

Carnations have represented Mother’s Day since the holiday’s foundation. Carnations are the symbol of devotion, so it is no wonder that carnations are the most popular flower to give to devoted mothers on Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, sent hundreds of white carnations to the church that held the first Mother’s Day ceremony, stating that carnations stand for the virtues of motherhood.

Orchids are one of the most coveted flowers in the world, renowned for their unmatched beauty, hardiness, and strength. Greek men and women even ate them in an attempt to influence the genders of their unborn children. Because of their strength and beauty, orchids are an ideal flower for a mother with an adventurous streak.

The classic common daisy is a popular choice in Mother’s Day bouquets. Daisies, or “day’s eyes,” have always been associated with positive virtues such as beauty, everlasting life, gentleness, and sentimentality. Daisies like Gerberas are ideal gifts for kind, sentimental mothers.


Tulips are a perfect choice for a glamorous, spontaneous woman. A bouquet centred around pink and yellow tulips is sure to please any mother who loves being the centre of attention. Instantly recogniszable, tulips are one of the first flowers domesticated for their beauty. They were so highly coveted that tulips cost more per pound than precious metals.