Are you having trouble in your relationship? Not sure if you’ve made a brilliant or bonehead decision hooking up with someone? There’s only one way to find out. Check our list of bad characteristics of a partner that prove you are dating a loser.

The Blamer
No matter what happens or how out of your control something might have been, this person will never take responsibility for their actions. They will direct their anger at you or another for their own shortcomings and even for things well beyond a reasonable scope of control.

dating-loserNo Hobbies
This person will encourage you to abandon your interests outside of the relationship or insist on accompanying you everywhere. They want to be omnipresent in order to assert more control over you.

Public Embarrassment
To keep you under their control, this potential suitor will do all they can to make you feel very small. Berating you in public and in private, they aim to destroy your self esteem enough to make you feel as though they are your only option.

Over-Due Bills
After hitting your early twenties, you probably should have learned a little bit about financial responsibilities. Beware of long term commitments to anyone with a large stack of unpaid and long overdue invoices.

No License. No Car.
It could have been a DUI. Maybe it’s, as previously mentioned, a result of blatant financial irresponsibility. Unless they’re living in an easily accessible metropolitan area, keep an eye out for other red flags.

Never Pitches In
They work full or part time. They have minimal financial obligations. They never cover their fair share of the tab. Let alone surprise you with a bunch of flowers. If they don’t respond to a reasonable conversation trying to nudge them in the right direction, it may be time for a change.

Clothing Choice
If they’re over the age of twenty-one and still dressing like a pop star, odds are fairly decent that this person is somewhat disconnected from reality.

Holier Than Thou
In their eyes, they can do no wrong. The entire world revolves around them. If they inconvenience someone, that’s someone else’s problem. This will carry over into a relationship and it will not be pretty.

Inappropriate Stories
We all have an embarrassing story about that one time in Uncle Jim’s pool, but some people don’t know where the line is. People who recount in great detail that time they beat little Billy’s face in or other accounts that may make others uncomfortable may not only be losers, but carry the potential to be violent.

I Already Love You
While swift attachment can be flattering, it may also be a red flag. If this behavior is allowed, ending the relationship may not be pretty after even a very short time.