Flowers are available in varieties that run the gamut of the alphabet. There is beauty to behold in flower varieties that range from azaleas to zinnias. Different types of people are drawn to different types of flowers that range in size, colour, and sentiment.

The flowers-humans relationship dynamic has a long and varied history. Some flower colours have widely accepted meanings. For example, red flowers are associated with love, while yellow flowers are often associated with friendship. Gifting white flowers, or a white bouquet, is a way to wave the white flag asking for forgiveness.

Flowers are a very welcome gift, and it is best to consider not just their appearance, but also their meaning, when choosing to gift them. When choosing a flower bouquet, the gifter should consider what type of feeling or sentiment to convey. If an individual is sending birthday flowers, he or she may choose to send the flower associated with the birth month. An even more personal method of choosing flowers is to consider the relationship between flowers and personalities.

Think about the favourite colours of the person who you will gift the flowers to. What colours do they wear? What colours are showcased in their home? What do those colours say about them? Are they fiery and passionate and drawn to the colour red? Are they calm and serene and drawn to the colour blue? Do they like bold colours and are they comfortable in the spotlight? Are they inquisitive and delicate? Do they prefer subtle colours and dainty details? Considering these types of observations lends itself well to matching flowers and personalities.

When thinking about the flowers-humans relationship connection, think about the way that emotions are expressed within the relationship. If gifting flowers to someone in a romantic relationship, think about the dynamics involved. Is it a secret love? Has it been a long lasting relationship? Do you like to spend time outside together? Some flowers are very rich in colour and fragrance, and are well suited for dramatic, passionate shows of affection.

Other flower arrangements are ones that may spark a familiar scent or appearance that holds part of a shared memory for people in a potentially romantic relationship. Outdoorsy individuals may appreciate a rustic, natural arrangement. Flowers are much more than beautiful plants. They are also a thoughtful mirror of a person’s heart and soul.