Many special occasions call for the use of flowers. When people plan these events with small budgets, they often find it useful to make their own floral bouquets.

In recent years, rainbow flowers have become quite popular with floral enthusiasts. In fact, as they plan weddings, proms, and other special occasions, people sometimes want to include rainbow bouquets as a way to add unique beauty to the celebration. People may be unsure, however, of how to make rainbow flowers. The process to make this unique floral combination is not difficult and can be accomplished in little time.

Colorful Flowers

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To make rainbow flowers, an enthusiast must first prepare all of his or her supplies. The first item needed, of course, is a bouquet of flowers. Many people like to use durable flowers that hold up well over the course of a few days. Popular choices include carnations and roses. Additionally, people generally choose white flowers because this colour will effectively absorb the dye for the rainbow effect.

To dye the flowers, a person must first prepare the dye in which the flowers will be soaked. He or she should fill four 8-ounce glasses with water and then add 20 to 30 drops of food colouring to each glass. People can use any assortment of colours, although blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and purple tend to be the most popular.

Once the glasses are filled with water and dye, they should be arranged in a square with the rim of each glass touching the rims of the adjacent glasses. With the glasses arranged, the person then can take a flower, cut the stem into four equal sections, and place a section of the stem in each glass. The flower should be left to soak for the next day until the colours are absorbed.

Once the flower is dyed to the desired effect, it can be removed from the water, dried with a paper towel, and then wrapped with floral tape around its stem. With each flower dyed and taped, the person can then arrange the rainbow bouquet. These floral bouquets are popular with brides who cannot settle on a single colour for her wedding.

The assortment of hues matches most outfits, thus making rainbow flowers equally as popular among women who attend formal dances or proms. They also like the fact that the process for how to make rainbow flowers is not difficult.