There is much more to discover in the beauty of a bunch of blossoms. Their ethereal radiance captivates anyone who lay their eyes on them. Flowers have always been known for their alluring physical attributes. People are too caught up on what is seen on the surface, neglecting what is inside its soul. Many are blind to their beauty behind being the most demanded gift on extraordinary occasions.

True enough, these blooms easily wither and die but they leave a lasting effect on the hearts of distinct individuals.

Here are 5 stimulating ways that they made us realize different facets of life.

hard work

1. Beauty Springs from Hard Work

Although they are instant gifts that can be easily acquired through flower delivery, behind their perfection is the creativity and talent of hard-working florists and flower growers. We are not conscious of the fact that they are very delicate and are difficult to cultivate. They need intensive care that demands regular watering, weeding, fertilizing and other things to make sure they are flawless for the season of harvest. Similar to growing flowers, success doesn’t come smoothly in our lives. To truly deserve and earn something, everything must be worked for.


2. Life Jewels are Priceless

These modern times, you can simply call your favorite flower shop and order your preferred bouquet for your loved ones. They are priced lavishly because of the high-demand for blooms especially during special occasions. People don’t mind spending a lot of money on buying these bunch of blossoms, as long as they can make the most important persons in their lives happy. Whatever the cost, as long as we can keep our connection strong with one another, we will always be sending flowers. Besides, paying tons of cold hard cash doesn’t matter for nothing can equal our loved ones. As long as we can see their priceless smiles, we are already satisfied.


3. Blooms Speak Your Heart

A flower has a magical effect that it can immediately brighten up someone’s face with just its mere presence. They speak a universal language which can easily break barriers. When you buy a bouquet you are not merely getting a bunch blossoms, you are showcasing your undying love. If you cannot speak the words of your heart, a simple flower can convey what you have to say.


4. There is Beauty in Death

When the beauty is lost and the flower starts to wither, that doesn’t mean that the grandeur is lost.

Dried and preserved blossoms are still very much as alluring like breathing blooms and are proven to have healing properties. Not all things end in death, sometimes it can be a start of something more wonderful and meaningful. It’s a golden opportunity to start anew.


5. Small Steps Create Huge Footprints

Just because an entity is small, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Planet earth is filled with wonderful things and a flower is just a small part of it. Compared to the many things that the world has to offer, blossoms are not really that extraordinary. But despite their small size, they don’t let that hinder their ability to touch the hearts of different people.

Flowers teach us that there is so much more to life than what is seen in physical beauty. We should learn to look deeper and realize that sometimes being small doesn’t make you weak, as long as you have a big heart that understands.