A Californian artist has created a stunning mural of the late musician Prince, paying tribute to the singer with a blossoming “hair” of flowers.

The “Prince tree” was planted by artist Christine Stein in her front garden in Citrus Heights, Sacramento County two years ago after the acclaimed artist’s tragic passing.

It wasn’t immediately as stunning as it is now and in fact only started flowering after “someone accidentally dropped mulch in front of the mural, bringing extra nutrients to her yard”.

Stein said the inspiration to plant the mural came from Prince himself, referring to a Facebook Q&A in which the musician said, “432Hz is the golden standard of music, it promotes healing, and it is the frequency of the universe.”

“When he passed on, he re-joined the universe. So, the pastel colours on the mural represent a galaxy in the cosmos, and the only star that lives in that galaxy is Prince. His spirit lives on at 432HZ,” Stein explained via Twitter.

People all over the world have been impressed and touched by the display, with a tweet of the picture of the bush has received 41,000 likes, and has been compiled into a Twitter Moment.