Flowers create precious memories that most people wish would last forever. Although no one has found a way to create an everlasting bouquet, almost everyone can have beautiful flowers that last long if they follow some basic flower care principles.

Daily Checkup 

Flower owners can preserve their treasured moments by providing the basic care fresh flowers need every day. Simple steps like filling vases and containers with fresh water will extend the life of any flower arrangement. The use of commercially-available fresh flower food keeps flowers bright and healthy, so recipients should visit a local florist to get a supply. Flower recipients should always add fresh flower food to new water according to the instructions that came with the product.

Trim Stems 

Over time, water vessels inside stems can clog or collapse, causing blossoms to fade and leaves to wilt. Proud owners should trim about three-quarters of an inch off every stem every few days to make sure flowers stay healthy as long as possible. With sharp knives, floral cutters or scissors, owners should cut stems at an angle to ensure maximum water uptake. Owners should always use sharp tools to trim stems to avoid damaging internal stem structures. Long lasting flowers must have the ability to bring clean water into their leaves and blossoms.

Recipients of large floral arrangements can provide the care fresh flowers need by tying the stems together with twine before removing them from the water. This helps preserve the arrangement while trimming the stems. When back in the vase, the arrangement will look the same as it did before.

Keep Cool

Proper flower care requires owners to keep their arrangements away from direct sunlight and intense heat. Temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit provide good conditions for long lasting flowers. Also, when changing water, flower recipients should always replace the water for floral arrangements with room-temperature water. Flower owners should never forget to add fresh flower food the vase when changing the water.

Choose Healthy Flowers 

Not every florist practices terrific flower care. Therefore, those who buy flowers must take responsibility to choose the best ones to buy. Customers should choose the flowers that have buds that have just begun to open. Also, flowers with firm petals will usually have the most life left in them.