There are many reasons why couples go their separate ways. While some of these reasons may have some kind of justification, others seem more bizarre. How events unfold in a couples life can have serious impacts later on. These events leading to divorce can be a stretch of the imagination, but they do happen.

Everyone has a pet name for their significant other. However, some of the nicknames that a spouse will call the other in the privacy of friends could be anything but cute. There have been instances where these names have caused a divorce as the name had been unflattering to say the least.

Valentines Day FlowersCleaning Obsession
Although cleanliness is appreciated from a spouse, an overly abundant cleaning obsession could be nerve wracking to the other. An obsession of this magnitude is cause for a few marriage breakups as a person has been known to go too far with cleaning by taking down a wall because it was dirty.

Computerized Obsessions
Technology is a form of great debates in some households. Internet, games, and Facebook have caused heated arguments between the married couple and have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back which caused a divorce. Some just enjoy their technology way too much.

Pet Allergies
Allergies to animal dandruff and hair is quite common among many people. A number of marriage breakups have happened over a spouse not willing to surrender a beloved pet. People can create very strong bonds with animals and many consider them family members.

It’s rare to hear of a divorce happening because of bad hygiene, but it does happen. Regardless of how hard one may try to impress his or her mate, bad hygiene habits can cause marriage breakups. Sometimes nastiness is simply too much to bear for people.

The Internet can be addicting in many ways including love-affairs. Anonymity provides a layer of protection online and can seem innocent enough. However, falling in love with a persona on the Internet has been cause for many marriage breakups. Although there isn’t actual touching, the emotional connection between two people can simply be enough for one to divorce his or her spouse.

What ever the reasoning behind a couple separating, the ultimate view is that they can no longer function through life together. While these may seem like strange reasons for marriage breakups, they are enough to solidify the desires of the couple to go their separate ways. Maybe all that is required is that you send your loved one some Valentines Day Flowers every now and again … it goes a long way to let your better half know that you still care for them every once in a while.