The Australia Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, the best know flower show worldwide.

Sean Godsell, who built the MPavilion at Melbourne‘s Queen Victoria Gardens, had this to say about Australian’s use of the land and gardening:

“The Australian landscape is a confusion of innate brutality and introduced refinement. Polite interventions early in our colonisation ‘civilised’ an otherwise harsh and often hostile environment where unfamiliar botanical species could poison and every bite and sting could kill. The indigenous landscape is ancient and its sunburnt beauty, once learnt, is never forgotten. Like the landscape itself it is scarred into the hearts and minds of Australians – it is part of us and we, of it. Any man made intervention in the outback symbolises shelter, respite, even salvation and the adaptive use of artifice underpins the tradition of building construction in this country.”

…via Sean Godsell unveils MPavilion in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria

Given thoughts of Australia‘s sunburnt outback, people outside of Australia might find it had to believe that it is host to one of the world’s best garden shows. Following is a full list of the best of the best places on earth to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Chelsea Flower Show 

Without a doubt the most famous, well-known flower exhibition in the world, the Chelsea Flower Show continues to lure visitors from all corners of the globe, for five days every year in May. There’s so much more than flowers on display here – though there are of course, plenty of beautiful blooms to behold. You’ll also find an array of fascinating gardens, covering every kind of design, from the quirky, to Mediterranean, or sanctuary-style, for some peace and quiet. There’s also  The event is somewhat of an English national pastime, covered extensively on television, and attended by several members of the Royal Family. In 2013, the Chelsea Flower Show will celebrate its centenary year, with what promises to be the most elaborate and innovative exhibition yet. So if the Chelsea Flower Show has always been on your bucket list, but you are yet to tick it off – now is the time to do it! Contact your personal travel manager for more information.

Melbourne International Flower Show 

If you are mad about flowers, but can’t make it all the way over to the United Kingdom, the Melbourne International Flower Show is the largest and most well-regarded exhibition of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and is our answer to Chelsea. Held annually over five days every March and spread over the Royal Exhibition Centre and surrounding Carlton Gardens, the Melbourne International Flower Show offers a showcase of the finest in Australian and international garden design and horticulture, and much, much more. Unleash your inner florist, with free floral design workshops daily. There’s entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, with roving dance performers, musicians, as well as celebrity garden demonstrations. The Show also provides the perfect blend of fantastic food, wine and flowers, with the three coming together in the tranquil, award-winning Lindeman’s Open Garden featuring gourmet cuisine, and Lindeman’s cellar door – the perfect place to recharge for a few more enjoyable hours wandering the exhibits.

Boston Flower and Garden Show

 For those gardening enthusiasts who are particularly passionate about the environment and innovation, next year’s Boston Flower and Garden Show is not to be missed. The theme of the 2013 Boston Show will be ‘Seeds of Change’, with a focus on new and evolving methods used by the best in the horticulture business, to create beautiful flowers and garden spaces, whilst being eco-friendly at all times. The Boston Show also caters to budding chefs, with demonstrations and expert advice on how to grow and preserve fresh produce and herbs, all year round. For those looking to take it one step further, there are also workshops on how to get started raising chickens and keeping bees. But if you’re just after a relaxing time, there are plenty of beautiful green gardens to gaze at.

Singapore Garden Festival

Asia’s top flower and garden festival is a delight of colour and fantasy, and takes place each July at the Suntec Centre. Best of all, it’s spread over an entire week, so there is plenty of time to take in everything that’s on offer, with plenty to see and do. The Singapore event is almost a series of ‘shows-within-a-show’, with standouts including the diverse displays in the Orchid Show, and the Balcony Gardens Show – perfect for those looking for ideas on how to make the most of a small space at home. Perhaps most spectacular are the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens – featuring the cutting edge creations of the very best designers from all over the region and beyond, it’s almost like taking a step into another world.

Dublin World Flower Show

The World Flower Show is held just once every three years, is a must-do event for anyone who truly loves their blooms. The next World show will be held in Dublin, Ireland, in June 2014 – so now is the time to start thinking about planning your trip. This event is a centrepiece for the most striking, extravagant and beautiful flowers and arrangements, from every corner of the globe. The historic venue, the Royal Dublin Society, is a sight to behold in itself. Spread over more than 45 acres of lush surroundings, the perfect place for a picnic in between checking out the array of exhibitions.

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The garden-loving British certainly spread their love of flowers wherever they went. How many have you been to and has this inspired you to see the others? Being avid flower lovers, we would love to visit them all!