Love and relationships have complex dynamics that are specific to the people involved. However, there are some simple things that most women look for in a relationship.

A common desire to to be truly known and loved by a significant other. Women seem to have more of a conversational need than men, and it makes them feel loved when they are listened to. Men who truly listen to the women in their lives make them feel valued and acknowledged. Love and relationships are bolstered when both parties feel that they can express themselves freely and openly.

Man and Woman

Man and Woman.
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Women also long to feel desirable. Women and relationships bloom when men compliment physical aspects, and notice subtle changes. These small changes might include a new haircut, new perfume, or new outfit. Women of all ages want to feel pretty, and it is especially reassuring to feel that your partner finds you desirable after having children, and as you age. Women may still find themselves blushing when receiving a sincere compliment from someone who desires them after many years together. Little compares to feeling coveted by the special person in your life.

Trust is another important factor in a relationship. Women feel at ease when their significant other makes them aware of their schedule. Being where you say you will be when you say you will be there is a huge plus. Men who return calls and maintain contact with the women in their lives enjoy relationship satisfaction and contentment. Men who are open about their social media usage, as well as phone and computer usage show that they have nothing to hide.

Everyone benefits from having some humor and merriment in their lives. Women and relationships are better off when laughter is a regular occurrence. It is fun to share inside jokes and memories, and to know just how to make each other laugh. Couples who laugh a lot feel better and are better able to weather any stormy times than they would be without a little jolliness in their lives.

Women and men in happy and stable relationships experience an overall sense of well being. Follow these simple tips and enjoy the relationship that you are in!