Sometimes, women get to a point in their lives where men no longer meet their needs – both emotionally and sexually – and as a result, they may choose to leave men behind for lesbian relationships.

As society becomes more accepting of non-traditional sexuality, and women become more in tune with what they need and gain the confidence to go out and get it, more women are turning to other women for the affection and emotional connection they are looking for in a relationship.

There are any number of reasons that women choose to pursue lesbian relationships, as opposed to continuing on with heterosexual relationships with men. What follows are just a number of key reasons.

Greater Sexual Pleasure
It has been said that women know what women want. It is also well known that many women fail to obtain true sexual satisfaction with male partners. Some choose relationships with other women as they feel that another women better understands her sexual needs and has the proverbial tools to provide a higher level of sexual pleasure than a man.

Better Understanding
A woman knows how another woman thinks, as they are both women. This means that communication is often more natural and women report that in relationships with other women, they feel as though they have a better understanding of their partner, and vice versa, due to the similarities in wants, desires and communication styles. This ease of understanding and better communication is another oft cited reason that women leave men to pursue lesbian relationships.

In-tune with Emotions
Women are, by and large, more emotional beings than men are and this is one of the reasons cited by women who pursue relationships with other women, rather than other men. Women are in tune with their emotions and understand the needs of a more emotional being. A woman in a relationship with a man must “spell out” how she is feeling and he may still not understand, many report that, with a woman, there is a mutual understanding with makes communication and emotions much easier to deal with in a healthy, productive manner.

While there are many reasons that women decide to pursue lesbian relationships, those stated above are amongst the most common reasons that women choose to go this proverbial route. Many report that there is a greater sexual understanding between women, and thus, a greater ability for sexual pleasure. Women are more in tuned with their emotions and this can set the foundation for better understanding and emotional stability in a relationship.