Roses have the ability to inspire a person. Whether it is in the form of beautiful poetry or a stunning piece of art, people as a whole have always been captivated by them.

With their broad range of colour and fragrances, roses are a versatile flower that can suit any ones taste. Their great colour range includes light and dark reds, pure whites, vibrant oranges and many more.

This coupled with an equally vast range of fragrances, roses become a flower suitable for anyone and for any occasion. Every different colour of rose has a different meaning and if often associated with a different occasion. For example the classic red rose is a symbol of love, passion, respect and courage whereas the yellow rose is a symbol of joy and welcoming and is best suited as a gift for a returning friend or loved one.

These meanings are easily discovered when looking upon a rose and thinking what feelings the colour represents to you- whether it be the bold and enthusiastic orange rose or the pure and sincere white rose.

It is therefore obvious why people have been captivated and inspired by roses in artistic works. Their ability to stir emotions is unlike any other. Beyond inspiration however roses are also a beautiful addition to any environment and can easily brighten up a mood. The colours can be used to set the tone of a room and create a more comfortable environment for any guest. Roses have such a wide variety of uses and a rich history. Whether they are inspiring great works or just brightening up the living room, they are a great addition to any ones life.