Valentine’s Day can be an awkward or endearing holiday for many people, depending on the state of their relationship.

For those who have only been dating a few weeks, it can be awkward since they are still both testing the waters of how they feel about each other. For couples who have been together for more than a year, the occasion can be full of expectations and extensive planning.

When choosing a Valentines Day gift, you want to ensure you understand exactly how your significant other feels about you before outdoing yourself or scaring the other person off. Less is best if you are uncertain, so try to go for a more casual gift than an expensive, serious one. Pick out their favorite perfume or cologne, which is a staple valentines day gift, but a safe one. If you don’t know what they like, purchase a new perfume that was just released so it shows you still care. You can also opt for a standard box of chocolates with casual flowers, like pink Gerbera daises. You can also give gifts that are funny to keep the day light-hearted, and to break the ice a little.

Valentines GiftIf you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll have to put a bit more thought and effort into your gift. The longer you’ve been with the person, the more love you should put into it. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s all about the details. If there’s a specific item, like a purse, your significant other has been wanting, then this is the perfect time to get it. A visit to the spa for a massage is also a great idea, or even an expensive clothing item that they’ve been wanting.

If you want to be more sentimental with your Valentines Day gift, frame a recent photo of the two of you that they can keep in their home. You can also give them a box of keepsakes you’ve been saving from their relationship for them to enjoy and appreciate. If you’re a writer, opt for collecting all of your journal entries about that special person and giving it to them in a special box.

Whether you’ve been dating for a few weeks or a few years, it’s always important to take the extra step and choose something funny, sentimental, or expensive for your Valentines Day Gift so you can show your date how much you truly care.