Guy Giving Flowers

Let him know flowers make you happy.


Some Tips & Tricks to Get Your Boyfriend to Give You Flowers. From a Guy.

Every man will tell you that they’re romantic. But for every man who claims it, there’s a crowd of women who could go into great lengths about how oblivious they are. Getting a man to treat you right can be a chore. It’s worth it in the end, and you have to almost love them just for how oblivious they can be. But at the same time there’s a few things you can do to speed up the process. The best way to handle it is to start small. Trying for too much too early is a great way to have dating turn to disaster.So to begin, you should try to show your love how to get you flowers. Again, most guys can be pretty oblivious to hints. But it can actually be a lot of fun to try. The important thing to remember is that it’s fun, a game. You shouldn’t take offense if and when they don’t pick up on things very quickly. Again, most guys idea of romance has more to do with practicality. It’s just one of those where men and women differ and need to learn adapt to the other.

Start by making it easy for them. Get yourself some flowers. The first thought many girls have is that they should get the guy some flowers to show him how it’s done. But again, this totally skips how a lot of guys see the world. They won’t see it as a statement that you want flowers. They’ll see it as a statement that you think they want them. And for most guys, that won’t be the case. It’ll just leave you feeling bad in the end. The only thing worse than not getting flowers is giving them and not seeing a smile in return.Getting some flowers for yourself will show him how much you love flowers. It’s a way of saying “Hey, receiving flowers makes me happy. And you want to make me happy, right?” without being too blunt. But sometimes you’ll need to push up the bluntness meter a bit.

So make the hint a bit less on the subtle side. Before a somewhat special day, just casually mention that you saw some flowers and it really made you happy. Be specific though. Remember, most guys don’t know very much about flowers. So be sure to bring up colour and type of flower. That might be enough to get things rolling. But at the same time, a lot of guys will need more to go on.

If that doesn’t work, wait for another somewhat special day to go by. Find the most cheerful and happy card you can find. Preferably one with some flowers on the front. Inside write out something from the heart. It’s important to make the guy understand that you really love him. Then draw a little picture with a speech balloon saying something like “I sure would like some flowers on every special occasion, because they’re awesome – like you!” The bit of humour and the earnest emotion will make what might otherwise seem too blunt into something that’s fun for you both. And you’ll finally get those flowers!