There are many ways to show a sweetheart affection and appreciation on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day shoppers may go with the tried and true traditions or start their very own. Whether shopping for a modern or conventional partner, these Valentine’s Day ideas are sure to make this February 14th a special occasion that will be remembered.

Valentine’s Day flowers are a particular favourite, but there are many options even when going with this classic gift. Send roses Valentine’s Day, or dazzle with stunning irises, lilies, or vibrant gerbera daisies. Floral arrangements make a special surprise for those that work on Valentine’s Day because they can be delivered to nearly any place of business. Choose a plant instead of flowers as a gift. Bonsai plants make a great alternative to flowers. They are a symbol of longevity and make a unique Valentine’s Day gift for someone with whom the giver intends to spend his or her life.

Chocolate is a traditional gift for this holiday, but baked goods including cookies, cupcakes and brownies make a great break from the expected. Home-made sweets are especially impressive on this holiday. When shopping for a wine or beer drinker, a rare or imported bottle is a lovely and thoughtful replacement for Valentine’s Day flowers. Enjoy a quiet dinner at a fine restaurant and try an interesting new dish.

Other Valentine’s Day ideas include salon or spa packages. Plan a romantic afternoon with a couple’s massage, or purchase a certificate for a day of pampering and relaxation alone. Jewellery gifts are also popular for this holiday. Gemstone bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants top the list of Valentine’s Day gifts for women. Simple silver or gold pieces shaped into hearts are also a great jewellery option.

Men often enjoy adult gifts including lingerie and coupons for playful activities. Appeal to a man’s senses this holiday with fun gifts for the bedroom. Other popular gift ideas for men include accessories for his favourite electronics, sports gifts or home-made meals. Send roses Valentine’s Day, or choose a unique and unexpected gift that is sure to dazzle any partner.