Valentines Day can be a holiday that’s stressful for anyone. The people who are hit hardest by this lovely day’s stress are the people spending it “unattached”.

Local FloristThere’s a few great things about spending the “day all about love” without anyone else. There’s no need to spend money on chocolate and gifts, there’s no parents to meet and, on some years when this holiday falls on the weekend, there’s no need to get out of bed.

Valentines Day for singles can still be a great day. To help ward off any ill feelings, there’s a number of activities that singles can enjoy by themselves on this day.

1. Buy flowers
A fancy bouquet of flowers doesn’t have to be given to anyone. It can sit at home or in an office to brighten up the surroundings and to act as a natural air freshener. Who said flowers on Valentines Day are only for lovers?

2. Dine at a fancy restaurant
Being single means only having to pay half the bill that dining out would normally cost. This means it’s possible to spend more to dine out. For example, readers in Sydney can try dining at the MuMu Grill or 3 Weeds restaurant.

Girl Studying3. Take a class
For those uncomfortable with spending the day by themselves, try taking a class. It doesn’t matter if it’s over cooking, art or something more professional. The environment should be enough to distract anyone feeling down on this day, and there’s always the chance of meeting someone new.

4. Adventure
Readers that prefer the peace that being alone provides should try taking a different way home from work or simply walk around. The less taken path is often the one filled with hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Discovering just one of those treasures should make anyone feel accomplished. That same path is also a great place to think.

Dog Walking5. Cook up something new
Cooking up something great and new doesn’t require being an acclaimed chef. Use the Internet, a brand new cookbook or a family recipe to make something new and delicious. Make that Valentines Day for singles interesting with a little bit of spice.

6. Get a dog
The truth of that matter is that Valentines Day for singles doesn’t require being alone. Man’s best friend can make for one of the best companions on this day, so go down to the local animal shelter and adopt a new best friend.

Once he’s been named, gotten the proper shots and everything is in order, take him out for a walk.