Thanksgiving is first and foremost a time to be grateful for all that we have. For many people, this is their health, their family, and their material possessions. However, we should look out of our own spheres to appreciate the beauty in the rest of the world. One way to do that is by sending Thanksgiving gifts of flowers.

Everyone has heard that it is good to “stop and smell the flowers.” There is no better time to do this than Thanksgiving when we are all taking time to be grateful as well. Why not be grateful for something that is natural, beautiful, and given with love.

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In keeping with the holiday, flowers should be autumnal colors. Find flowers that are red, yellow, or orange in color. Some of the most popular flowers to use in a Thanksgiving arrangement are chrysanthemums, sunflowers, daisies, and other flowers that follow this color scheme. You can also incorporate other flowers that aren’t typically associated with Thanksgiving. For example, roses that are color orange or deep red can look extremely elegant on the dinner table.

Given the harvest theme of the season, you can also find flower arrangements with more than just flowers. Many times, gourds or other types of brush are mixed in with the flowers to make it look authentic and natural. You can even find bouquets with mini cobs of corn incorporated. Because they are paired with flowers, it does not look rugged. Instead, it provides comfort and a greater appreciation for the season.

If you are giving these Thanksgiving flowers as a gift, you can also have it double as a centerpiece for the table. When purchasing the flowers, you can find a matching vase or one that will work well with the decor of the dining room. The great part about this is that the vase can be reused long after the flowers are gone. The memory of the Thanksgiving gift will continue to live on.

A simple bouquet is beautiful enough to handle this all on its own, but you can make it a little more special with some additional features. During the holidays, you can find bouquets that are built into a cornucopia with the Thanksgiving flowers pouring out the opening. Since the cornucopia is such a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving, it is fitting.

For something that is more elegant, incorporate candles into the arrangement. In many of these displays, the flowers are not springing upward. Instead, they are arranged on a piece of styrofoam or other structure. Since they are very low to the table, all the guests are able to see over it so it doesn’t interfere with conversations. Also, with the flowers so low, candlesticks can tower above the flowers without catching on fire.

Thanksgiving gifts are a great way to tell someone that you are thankful for their presence in your life. It also gives everyone present the opportunity to be thankful for the simple and beautiful aspects of life that are overlooked among all the hustle and bustle of obligations and stressors.