Dads are superheros

Dads, our first superheros.


Superheroes really do exist, and in everyday life we call them “Dads.” The contributions caring father make to the lives and well being of their children receives recognition in many locations around the world.

Father’s Day

In Australia, most people celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September. It’s a time of year to appreciate fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and all of the joy they bring to our lives. September 6th, 2015 will find many of us sending a gift of roses to a beloved Dad this year.

In other parts of the world, people designate different dates to honor fatherhood. For example, in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries, official Father’s Day festivities occur on the third Sunday in June.

These types of celebrations share one thing in common; they offer everyone an opportunity to express gratitude for all the remarkable, heroic things Dads do in daily life. Sometimes these self-sacrificing actions do not always receive the attention they deserve. In fact, many dedicated, courageous Dads don’t even consider themselves remarkable. Father’s day offers the opportunity to express appreciation to these men who matter so much to us and to the community as a whole.

A True Story to Share During Father’s Day

One example of the significant positive impact fathers can make on the lives of their children emerged in a news story recently. A reporter interviewed 78-year old James Harrison, a resident of Australia’s central coast. His story illustrates the type of quiet dedication that fathers can inspire.

James Harrison today is himself a proud father and grandfather. But during his childhood, he had a particularly memorable conversation with his own father that changed his life, and ultimately benefited the lives of many other people.

As a teenager, he underwent a potentially risky operation involving one of his lungs. Shortly after his recovery, his father took the time to let him know that he had survived in part due to the generosity of strangers, the anonymous blood donors who had contributed some 13 liters of blood for his transfusions.

Their discussion made a big impression on him. James Harrison later became a blood donor for others. He has given blood plasma weekly for some 60 years, an incredible contribution.


To honour your Dad, consider spending some time together, if possible. Often people give gifts, too, just a small symbolic gesture of gratitude: wine, champagne, chocolates or some of the more masculine flower selections work well to brighten his day. If you can’t be with Dad on Father’s Day, you can still order him gifts online to let him know you care!