Well I am pleased to say that I have MORE than ONE (short) story to tell…

My first experience with zFlowers.com came when I heard a dear friend had been diagnosed with cancer. I did not want to ring or intrude on her family dealing with her cancer so I sent flowers. Next time I saw her, after her initial treatment, her ‘smile with thanks’ most certainly showed me that sending flowers had been well worth the effort!

My second most pleasing experience with zFlowers.com was recently whilst visiting a good friend in Perth. She wanted to send another friend some flowers for her 60th birthday. So we logged on and with my points I was able to help a friend select a much nicer bouquet than she could have otherwise afforded.

And when I heard that my dearest daughter-in-law had to be rushed to emergency hospital a couple of weeks ago, my FIRST thought was to log on to zFlowers.com for a bouquet to be WAITING for her on discharge from her overnight stay in hospital. And I knew it would be delivered ON THE SAME DAY!

I appreciate the efficiency I can expect from zFlowers.com and I know I can use their service confidently as per occasions as I have described above….

THANK YOU for a chance to express my appreciation for a job well done zFlowers.com!