RF0042.jpg I have been shopping for flowers to be delivered for 4 days. I have been on all the websites in the google search .. probably vised 20 plus. Orderd flowers got to the delivery page and though they said they delivered to that region.. they didn’t.. I found you site., Excellent choices of arrangements, good prices.. and in my book award winning customer servide. I went to the online chat and Maria responded. I know you have no Idea which maria.. anyway super helpful straightened out the delivery address and the flowers arrived this morning.. so if you know Maria please give her a raise. she deserves.. You guys are awesome.. THANK YOU .. and the most important point of this.. Other florist, didn’t deliver anniversary ruined, in step you and not only me made me happy but My WIFE happy.. see. you guys save marriages, one delivery at a time.. Okay it wasn’t that bad .. but you guys rock

thanks again .. steve.. OH here is my order number if Maria’s notes are attached to the order get her some praise for me.. 6746-177120