wine & cheese dinner

Eating together is one of the best ways to bond with people. The power of a sumptuous dinner, therefore, shouldn’t be underestimated. Dinners don’t just fill your tummies with delicious food, they are also a perfect time to catch up with good friends and loved ones.

Planning to host a dinner party soon?

Questions like “What food should I prepare?” or “Should I find a good venue?” might be flooding your mind. You might even be thinking of calling for same day flower delivery to decorate your dining area with charming blooms.

But don’t stress out. Relax. Keep calm. There are many things you can do to host amazing dinner parties without leaving the comforts of your home or breaking the bank.

Below are some special dinner party themes you can use to make unforgettable gatherings.


If you’re feeling classy, you can always opt for the good ol’ wine and cheese party. This kind of party is intimate and laid back making it suited for small groups of people. There may not be much food involved here but it sure is a great way to catch up with your buddies.

Moreover, a wine party has an intimate atmosphere making it a perfect for an anniversary dinner. In addition to getting anniversary flowers delivery on your special day, you can surprise your darling with a romantic wine night.

Haven’t hosted a wine and cheese party before? No problem. This how-to guide by Passports & Pancakes can help you get started.


Do you live near a beach? Then you’ve got a wonderful location for memorable gatherings. If you’re anywhere near the ocean, you shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to host a bonfire party. There’s nothing better than enjoying delicious food while watching the sunset.

Since you’ve already got the place, all you need to think about is the food. There a lot of bonfire recipes you can try out. A bonfire party is also great if you have kids. Treat them to some hotdogs on sticks and s’mores and you will surely make their day.


Who says you have to be at the beach to enjoy a bonfire party? You can always have one right in your own backyard.

Your backyard makes a great venue for dinners. It’s more intimate and exclusive. It’s also a practical alternative if you can’t actually go to the beach to have a bonfire party. With your very own backyard bonfire party, you don’t have to spend much.


A barbecue party is an all-time favourite of many and one of the easiest to pull off. But if you’re tired of the usual barbecue, you can always add a new twist to it – a South African twist. Try hosting a braai party.

If you’ve never heard of it, braai is basically Afrikaans (the spoken language in South Africa) for barbecue. South Africa even has Braai Day, a national holiday celebrating the spirit of barbecue.


Really, there’s no need to travel to Greece if you’re craving for some Mediterranean food. Host your very own Mediterranean dinner party and imagine yourself having dinner on the majestic island of Santorini. To get you started, try whipping up any of these Mediterranean recipes. Additionally, order fresh flowers online and decorate your dining area for a more festive touch.


Asia has some of the finest to offer when it comes to food. There are plenty of quick and easy Asian-style dinners you can try out. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Whether you want to go with just one country or a combination of any, you’ll surely end up with satisfied tastebuds.

A good thing about hosting an Asian dinner party is that decorations are easy. Just hang some paper lanterns and you’re set for a Japanese theme or place a bowl of fortune cookies to create a Chinese vibe. If you’re feeling Thai, decorate the dining area with elephant figurines and use banana leaf placemats.


If you’re vegetarian or have vegetarian friends, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. These vegetarian recipes from Martha Stewart will surely wow your guests. The best thing about vegetarian food is that you get to help local farmers by buying their products or save money by using your own produce from your garden.


If your garden has enough space, why not use it to host an intimate dinner with family or friends?

The things you can do for a garden party is almost limitless which is exactly why outdoor entertaining is one of the most fun. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. After all, what matters is that you have some good company over and that you get to share quality time together.


Sucker for breakfast? Make brinner a thing!

Yes, that’s right. You can serve breakfast food for dinner, because why not? If you just love breakfast food (think bacon and pancakes), a breakfast food dinner party is the theme for you. For a fun bonding time, make it a thing among your friends who share the same love for the meal.


Are you a big movie fan? Celebrate your favourite flicks with a movie-themed dinner party.

Imagine having some delicious cauldron cakes or enjoying mugs of butter beer. If you’re a Potterhead, these Harry Potter-inspired recipes will instantly take you to the wizarding world. Now that’s a break from your usual muggle dinner.


Excited to try out one of these dinner party themes? Let us know how it all went out. Share your comments below.