Fairy tales often have romances end with a kiss, a sigh, or a happily ever after.

Unfortunately, not romances end in that fashion. Some end with a cheating boy friend or a cheating girlfriend. These relationships are over when a significant other abuses the trust in a relationship and steps outside the lines. The signs are often noticed but all too often ignored. In these modern times, it is easy to find out if a partner is cheating using a social network.

Everyone Leaves a Footprint
Unless the boyfriend or girlfriend is a person that likes to live off the grid, there is digital trail that is easy to follow. While websites like Facebook have over a billion members, there is a good chance that social network plays a part in this trail. There are a few steps to follow to find a cheating boyfriend or cheating boyfriend through social media.

1. Look for Social Signs
There are several signs that may lead a person to suspect a significant other. In the real world, this could be finding lipstick on a collar, late nights with no explanation, or even strange phone calls. On a social network it is the same but different. Are there disappearing status messages that appear and then quickly are inaccessible? How about too much attention paid to a specific person? Has your boyfriend or girlfriend started locking his or her Twitter or Facebook account up a bit more tightly? These are all signs that something may be up.

2. Follow His or Her Friends on Twitter or Connect With Them on Facebook
Every Twitter account has a list of friends. Often Twitter is used to organize meet-ups and hanging out. The boyfriend or girlfriend might be cautious in what he or she says, but often the friends are not. What If the significant other is really cheating? There is a good chance that he or she is on the Twitter friends list.

3. Look for mention or status changes
Using a site like socialmention.com, a person can track when someone is mentioned and on what network. This helps a suspicious person find evidence to clear or support the cheat. Just be careful and don’t read in to something that isn’t there.

4. Peruse Little Known Social Media Outlets
Twitter and Facebook are the big two in social media right now. Don’t forget that sites like MySpace, Path, FamilyLeaf, and Pair exist as well. Search these sites to see if a cheating boyfriend or a cheating girlfriend has a profile.

In this age of social media, getting connected with a stranger has never been easier. But with the intended conveniences social media tools bring, they also leave traces of digital evidence that can be used against you — especially if you’re a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.