Flowers have long inspired us to write poems, sing songs and create brilliant works of art. Many people have even paid living tribute to flowers in the names of their children. Flowers are not culturally specific, they are enjoyed by anyone, anywhere at anytime. The beauty of the flower has been appreciated by the rich and poor, the old and young, the big and the small, the happy and sad…

Flowers also smell amazing! They inspire the finest perfumes and wines. I could go on- And I will!

Here are a few of my favourite tributes to flowers:

Names: Our “Rose’s”
-Rose Marie- Child singer of the 1930’s
Axl Rose– Lead singer 1980/90’s band Gun ‘n’ Roses
-Gypsy Rose Lee- American Burlesque dancer-1930/50’s

Songs: An Assorted Bunch
-Build me up Buttercup- The Foundations
-Blue Orchids- The White Stripes
-Kiss From a Rose- Seal

Quotations: A Magnificent Arrangement of Words
When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other. -Chinese Proverb
– I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. -Claude Monet
– Earth laughs in flowers.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Art: Beauty Captured on Canvas-Iris- Claude Monet
-Sunflowers- Vincent Van Gough
-Roses- Pierre Auguste Renoir

Perfumes: An Enchanting Aroma
-Flower- Kenzo
-Iris- Donna Karan
-Lily- Christian Dior

Wines: A Taste of Springtime
-Riesling- A taste of rose blossom
-Dandelion Wine- A sweet dessert wine, hard to come across
-Hibiscus flowers- Perfect in a glass of champagne

So, now that we are all inspired. I hope you have a great week. Keep up that Flower Power mentality!