Marriage proposals are as momentous as the wedding day itself. Every man wants to give the best that he could muster as he asks his girl to become one with him. It is a story you will tell your children and grandchildren. So make it the best with this useful list of proposal ideas.

Propose somewhere with a good view

Romantic can be spelled with a picturesque sight. Our world is full of natural wonders that are awe-inspiring. Allow these beautiful creations to symbolise the beauty of the love you have for the special woman in your life. This is perfect for couples who are enthusiasts of nature or even if it is only you who loves these kinds of things. Take her trekking and propose on top of the mountain or in the sunset by the beach and pop the question that will change your lives forever.

With family and other important people in your life

Nothing can be more romantic than letting both your family and friends share the joy. As you promise to spend the rest of your lives with each other, show her that she has you and these people to support and guide her as she enters a new chapter in her life. You don’t need to have grand gestures and an expensive wedding proposal. A simple get together with them is enough. What makes this special is the presence of the important people in your life. It will truly show your sincerity because you don’t only promise to marry her, you also promise these people that you are willing and truthful in taking the leap towards a married life.

Themed wedding proposal

If your girlfriend is a huge fan of art, literature or entertainment, a romantic marriage proposal may be to bring her favourite characters or fantasies into life with a themed wedding proposal. Harry Potter, Star Wars, superheroes and video games have become popular among the geeky couples who enjoy these things. Why don’t you recreate these in real life and have an epic marriage proposal? Complete with costumes and props, she will truly say yes. Love is love, geeky or not.

Propose in a unique place

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You can surprise her in the most unlikely place for a marriage proposal. The key here is to choose a unique place to centre the moment on you getting down on one knee asking her to marry you. Ask help from friends for undiscovered local places that are perfect for wedding proposals. You can choose to set the place or simply ask her to marry you without the elaborate setting. It is always the act and sincerity that counts.

Keeping it with the classics

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Have a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant that she loves complete with wine, red roses, and a sumptuous dinner. Ask the restaurant or hotel to set an intimate dinner for you and they will be glad to assist you for the romantic evening.

You can never go wrong with this simple and classic marriage proposal, especially when everybody else is into big gestures. Some women appreciate the sincerity of the promise more than the act. You don’t need anybody else other than yourself and the vow to commit to her to make the proposal a romantic one.

It doesn’t have to be fancy nor far, it can be at home or out in the wilderness as long as the promise and truthfulness of the act are there. You have the rest of your life to prove how much you love her and how committed you are.

Our heartfelt congratulations to you!