Christmas is a lovely time of year and the perfect season to be romantic with that special someone. One of the most romantic things to do during the holiday season is to go for a sleigh ride.

The evening air is cold and there is snow on the ground. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a good snuggle with a loved one and some fresh, clean, winter air.

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A sleigh ride is relaxing, enjoyable, and a romantic way to spend an evening together. Another thing to do for a romantic Christmas is to have a candlelight dinner at home. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, a bottle of wine, and the company of a loved one. Set the table with beautiful napkins and utensils. Set candles on top of the table and play some soft music in the background. A romantic candlelight dinner is the perfect way to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

A spontaneous getaway is another thing to do for a romantic Christmas. The holidays are often wrought with stress and problems at home. Getting away and spending time with your loved one is a perfect way to combat the stress. There is nothing more romantic than an unplanned, spontaneous getaway to a brand new place with your special someone.

Plan a ski trip or perhaps a weekend away at a small bed and breakfast in the country. Make sure it is just the two of you and make room for romance.

Another thing to do for a romantic Christmas is to go ice skating. Find a rink in your area and rent some skates. Ice skating is fun and playful and can bring about spontaneous joy and laughter.

It is romantic to skate alongside each other, try new moves and hold hands. Plus, it is something different to do. If the outdoors are too cold, try having a night in and make a fire. Light a fire in the fireplace and make some hot chocolate. Warm fires on cold nights make for a very romantic Christmas season. Read to each other or watch a pleasant movie for entertainment. There is nothing quite as lovely as a warm fire blazing while snuggled up with a loved one enjoying a story or a movie. The holidays are meant to be a romantic time of year and to be enjoyed by those in love.