5 Romantic gift ideas

Romance 101: 5 romantic gift ideas for enhancing either first date or committed relationship.

Five gift ideas that are sure to make you look sweet

Most new romances will involve a casual date, while committed relationships will probable involve a couple hanging out without necessarily being in the most romantic situation possible. Many people simply accept that these situations will not have romance in them. However, one can throw in a little bit of childish fun and cute romance by bringing small gifts. Also what some might consider dating gifts are something that could spice up a long term relationship or marriage. To fully inform your choices following is a bit of information on the psychology of romantic gift giving, followed by five great gift ideas.

The Science of Romantic Gift Giving

Several studies provide insight into the role of gift giving in romantic relationships. For example, Belk and Coon (1993) explored reasons for gift giving in relationships through participants’ diaries of dating experiences. The authors found that motivation for giving gifts varied from purely transactional and instrumental to more symbolic and emotional. Men in particular viewed gift giving as a means of exchange, usually to try to gain sexual favours. Women, in contrast, preferred receiving gifts for symbolic and emotional reasons. Overall though, relationship giving tended to transition from being more of a reciprocal exchange to an emotional expression as relationships developed.

Huang and Yu (2000) more thoroughly explored the role of gifts in developing and maintaining relationships over time. Their results indicated that gift giving could have positive or negative effects on a relationship, depending on the frequency and intensity of gifts at each relationship stage. When gift giving was moderate and balanced, it made the giver feel good, expressed loving feelings to the recipient, and helped ensure relationship success. When gifts were given too frequently or rarely, however, anxiety and negative feelings could spoil the relationship.

…via What Message Do Your Gifts Send? | Psychology Today


A small token chocolate is a great way to bring one’s date a gift, and it is the kind of the thing that they will not have to carry around with them for the rest of the night. When going on a causal date do not bring a whole box of chocolates in elaborate packaging. Instead, bring your date a small bit of chocolate that they can enjoy right away. The key is buy small high-quality chocolate that is infused with unique flavors such as lavender, chilies, mint or with unique fillings.


Flowers have long been considered an item that is given during a very formal date like going to the prom. Instead, a true romancer should bring a small flower to situations where the date will not expect them. It is very cute to bring a corsage or boutonniere when going out to a casual restaurant or even to a quiet night in while watching movie. A single flower cut from one’s own garden can have far more emotion attached to it than a store-bought bouquet of roses. However, a flower or a bouquet sent anonymously to their work place on the day of a date will definitely provide an enchanting ice breaker.

Romantic notes

Cute notes are a great way to show the way that one feels, and to demonstrate that you have a little bit of creative side. Try not to make the note too formal and serious. Instead, things such as cute little lyrics and silly puns are the best way to get your date melting. Trying to decorate the note so that it has things like pasted on items, hand drawn images, and maybe even a picture of your date’s favorite pop culture figure. These things will make your date both laugh, and know that you thought about them before the date. Sweet notes are an item that also enhance other gifts.

Here is a short video of Nick Offerman on Conan giving a tip on how to do simple notes.

Small toys

Many dates simply do not expect their crush to bring them a cool little toy. The unexpectedness of this is sure to make your date blush. The items should be small knickknacks that the date had not thought about for a long time. Things such as yo-yos, party poppers, and silly putty are a great way to show off your endearing different side while not being too over the top in your gift giving. Remember, sometimes the cheaper and quirkier the gift the more charming it can be.

Mixed tapes

That’s right, mixed tapes the perfect gift that most persons think went away with the invention of MP3 players. No! A mixed tape is able to connect one to a past way of showing one’s love, and allows for you to share some great tunes. Obviously, the content of the mixed tape is the most important part. However, one should also consider presentation such as putting the mixed tape on cassette tapes (if you’re thinking ‘seriously?’ read this article by Zach Sokol of Motherboard “Cassette Tapes Are Almost Cool Again”), in a DropBox or hidding songs on a CD. Mixed tapes on a re-recordable DVD also gives one the chance of making another one in the future.

There you have it, a little bit about the psychology of romantic gift giving and five simple gift ideas that are sure to spice things up your date or add sparkle to your relationship with your partner or spouse. Now, go forth and gift!