Broad solid shoulders, angry sweat laden faces, six/eight packs (apparently they do exist!), thick sculptured thighs and of course the buns of steel! Yes Ladies – it’s the Rugby World Cup!

The men in our lives are watching the games religiously for the pure adrenaline rush, National pride and in the back of their minds thinking they are as tough and mean as the men on the pitch. As much as the ladies like to support their favourite team, National pride and in general, just enjoy watching the sport – there is always the hot-blooded female in us that appreciates all that is beautiful in the male form disguised as the rugged Rugby player.

As with all social drunken evenings between a group of good friends, inappropriate conversation is the order of the evening; the subject of what type of “Man” they were in terms of what they found as most attractive “physically” in a woman! (Hey, it was a drunken evening – all sexist remarks go straight out of the window!) Answers ranged from the typical breasts, legs, buttocks to colour of hair or colour of eyes! This had the ladies reciprocating back on what is “hot” and what is “not” for the male form! Yes, I believe we were more on the road to blottoed than just merely drunk!


A few of my female friends are still looking for their perfect “other-half” with a number of them using the latest in social media dating sites. We are mostly led to believe that it’s mostly the women who are scantily clad and posing seductively for the photos in their dating profile pages; however, the tides have turned my friends! The latest profile photos on dating sites, have the men projecting themselves as suave businessmen in suits or 007 tuxes right through to the other extreme, of strategically placed items on an otherwise naked body!

This is the part where “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars” term comes in. As much as the initial attraction for a woman may be physical, for anything more than a first date, they would prefer their men to have more substance. Having intellect helps, humour always comes in handy (especially when the humour matches their own!), nice manners (particularly when the man is about to be introduced to the family!), great listeners (self-explanatory), and lastly to cater for all the physical needs too! This is not to say the men do not want the same from their woman, just maybe not in as concentrated levels.

My circle of good friends provides a healthy number of fine male specimens ripe for this article. They may kick my ass after reading this or bury my body in the woods!

2015-09-29-2One of my favourite male friends has an abundance of tattoos, extremely fit body (he’s a personal trainer) and looks (for want of a better term) “Bad Ass” – there’s been many conversations whereby if the other guys needed “muscle” and a “threatening look” to back them up – he was your man! Knowing him personally is another matter, he is by far the softest, squidgiest man I know! Soft spoken, loving husband and loyal friend! His wife describes him as the perfect cross between “Bad-Boy” and “Metrosexual”.



Another amazing guy is the adorable “Hug-a-Bear”. He is hilarious (which works out great as he’s an actor and stage Emcee) and one of the most generous of friends I have had the pleasure to meet.  He’s definitely a “Ladies Man” – this is not to say he plays the field (he has a loving wife for whom he absolutely adores!) – He just has a way of always offering to lend a listening ear at the right moment and cheering up the most miserable of days we women frequently battle! On these occasions, the ladies feel rejuvenated, have an abundance of self-esteem and momentarily feel like they have won first place in a Ms. Universe competition! Such is his power!  He is a rare commodity!




On the other side of the spectrum, is our resident “I know I am good-looking” gentleman. He’s one of my besties, successful business man, an aura of sophisticated tastes and habits, and bears a resemblance (or at least he think he does) to George Clooney! As confident as he is in life and career choices, he strangely has a little less luck with the ladies! It’s not that he is lacking in women showing their interest, it’s just finding the right woman to commit to him “till death do us part”. Over the years, what he wants from a relationship has changed dramatically. His antics to find his “happily ever after” have provided many of the wine induced comedy nights we have endured in the last few years. I look forward to receiving an influx of offers to date my bestie after reading this blog!


My hubby, looks like an overgrown school kid when he lounges around in his shorts and T-shirt,; but once he puts on his suits for work, he instantly transforms into a pretty man. As like most men, my husband instantly balks at the term of “pretty” to describe a man. What other word would you use to describe a man who has long eyelashes (most women would give their left arm up for), high defined cheekbones, and also tall and elegant in a suit (despite having two left feet). He looks even better in a tuxedo! “Handsome” as a term feels like an insult to the perfect features therefore I’m sticking to my guns and “pretty” is definitely the word! Past the looks factor, he is a good man and we have shared more than our fair share of troubles along the way, making him definitely a keeper!   


It is nice to know all of us ladies like different types of guys and that we all seek a little more than just physical attraction. Reflecting on all of the above, we are all still hot-blooded females! A wise woman once said, “there is nothing wrong with window shopping”! So bring on the Rugby and the buns of steel!


And here’s some New Zealand Eye Candy doing the Hakka