Being in a relationship can be a joyous and sublime experience. Falling in love makes the heart happy and emotions tender. Often a relationship doesn’t last and those bubbly feelings end up dissipating and fading away. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to stop the romance. There are many ways to end a relationship so both parties can continue with their lives.

Considered one of the worst ways to end a relationship, it is still a reliable choice when breaking up with a significant other. If an email is sent, be polite but firm. Don’t let whatever bitterness and hatred is felt creep in to the missive. Only answer the reply if it is needed so as not to start a long, drawn out email argument.

The rules for an email break up apply to texting as well. Be short and conscious; say what is needed to say and not much more. Don’t become involved in a prolonged text battle; the hit on a phone bill is not worth it.

Ending a relationship by phone is a better way to handle it than by email or text. Each person has to talk with each other and many issues might be raised. However, be polite. A person never knows when the ex will pop back in to a life.

In a Crowd
Breaking up with a significant other in a crowd is a good idea. This helps cut down on any drama that might come up, and it could give the other person shoulders to lean on. It might also mean a splitting up of friends, so be careful.

Face to Face
This is definitely the best way to break up with a significant other. Details of the relationship can be argued about in private, with no onlookers. If the relationship is salvageable, this is the time to figure that out. If the relationship is so bad that it needs to end, don’t let the other person be persuasive on staying. It is better that each person go their separate ways.

If the end is coming, be prepared. Settle all business before the end of the relationship. This will help both parties move on to new adventures in life.