People love to worship celebrities from afar, spending so much time watching them on TV and in the movies and reading gossip about them on the Internet and in tabloid publications. One particularly juicy aspect of celebrity watching is keeping tabs on their failed relationships.

Here are the five main reasons why celebrity relationships wind up failing, despite the couple’s best intentions and efforts:

1. Temptation

One aspect of celebrity relationships is that both people are typically extremely good-looking and charismatic. When a celebrity has fans or groupies, there can be a great temptation to have a one-night stand or even launch an affair. When fame goes to your head, you may be tempted to have an affair with another celebrity simply because the opportunity presents itself.

2. Narcissism

People who crave the attention and spotlight of being a celebrity are often self-centred to the point where they seem to love themselves more than anyone else, including their spouse or significant other. When you work in an industry that rewards you for your good looks, you can get an inflated ego that results in your thinking you deserve to have sex with anyone you want, and never mind whose feelings you hurt along the way.

3. Long Separations for Work

Imagine a husband and wife who are equally famous and equally hard working actors. Working on a film often requires them to be away from home and their family for long stretches of time, often on another continent. When you are separated from your spouse for a long period of time for work, you may become lonely and seek love in the arms of your co-star. That is a recipe for failed relationships, and is a common reason why celebrity relationships often fail.

4. Stress

Performing on a TV show or in a feature movie may seem like it would be a lot of fun, but celebrities often have to work 18-hour days, subjecting themselves to the emotional upheaval required to properly portray their characters. And once a movie or TV show has finished shooting, the celebrities face additional stress when they have to go out on press tours, enduring the same banal questions over and over. Add to this the stress that comes with uncertainty over the career trajectory, and that can result in a failed celebrity relationship.

5. Career Imbalance and Envy

Celebrities are subject to peaks and valleys of popularity and their income potential and ability to land new projects also goes up and down correspondingly. When one half of a celebrity couple begins rocketing to greater fame while the other half is facing a downward career trajectory this can lead to resentment and hurt feelings, which can result in the couple breaking up under the strain.