Quiz: Are you dating a Jerk?

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.


Have your friends told you they don’t like your new man? Many times our friends can see we are with a jerk when we have been blinded by infatuation. Especially if we are in the halogen days of initial romance, we can overlook the signs that our amour is flawed. While this quiz from HerCampus looks at whether your man is a jerk in a rather humorous way, the subject is a serious one. A guy who doesn’t treat you properly can chip away at your ego and make you think you deserve less that you really do. To be fair to both sexes, we’ll be posting a parallel quiz tomorrow on how to tell if your girlfriend is a b*tch.

1) On your first date, your boyfriend…
A. Showed up at the door with flowers.
B. Wore a tuxedo and sang a song.
C. Honked the horn until you came outside

2) Your sweetie’s idea of having fun is…
A. Watching a movie and cuddling on the couch.
B. Plastering his bedroom with pictures of your face.
C. Getting drunk and running around campus in your bra.

3) When your introduced your new man to your parents he…
A. Gave them a small gift.
B. Hugged them until you pulled him off.
C. Asked where the liquor cabinet was.

4) When you get sick with a cold, your boyfriend…
A. Brings you chicken soup and a funny movie.
B. Builds an altar and prays to the love gods that you live.
C. Goes out with his friends.

5) At your first attempt to cook his favourite meal he…
A. Gobbles it up and tells you it’s great.
B. Says he only eats raw meat.
C. Tells you his mom is a better cook.

6) When you go out for a girl’s night he…
A. Encourages you to go, you need your girltime!
B. Puts a tracking device in your purse and follows you.
C. Has dinner with his ex-girlfriend.

7) When you accidentally dyed your hair bright orange he…
A. Gave you his hat and drove you to the salon
B. Screamed “What have you done!” and then cried.
C. Posted pictures on Facebook making fun of you.

8) When your favourite pet died your boyfriend…
A. Was your shoulder to cry on.
B. Cremated Fluffy in the oven and made an urn for the ashes.
C. Said “Good Riddance!”

9) When you and your boyfriend moved in together…
A. Bought you a new bathrobe and toothbrush.
B. Changed his last name to yours.
C. Demanded that all the bills are in your name.

10)  For your anniversary, your boyfriend…
A. Made you a mixed CD of songs that reminded him of you.
B. Got a tattoo of your face on his chest.
C. Made you pay for dinner.

Mostly A’s- Keep him! This guy knows what you want.
Mostly B’s- Run away! This guy sounds like a stalker.
Mostly C’s- Dump him! This guy is a total Jerk!

…via: Relationship Quiz: Are You Dating a Jerk  | HerCampus

We would like to thank HerCampus for that simple quiz. While today’s post was for looking at men’s behaviour, tomorrow’s blog will peek at women’s behaviour and how to tell if she is a b*tch. In the wise words of Mark Twain “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”