The bride has a lot to think about and she’s probably been to a lot of disappointments already. Her patience might already be running out. Please don’t add to her burden by telling her these things.

Things you should never say after her engagement:


  1. “Oh, you’re engaged! But you just met, right?”

    Well, you may be right, and you may have good intentions for asking, but it’s really none of your business. You can never judge the strength of a relationship by simply knowing the length of time two people has been together. A wedding is for everyone who wants to spend their lifetime together, whether or not it will last forever.

  1. “Your wedding’s making me broke.”

    And the bride and groom may be too. Don’t make her feel guilty by emphasizing it. You can either attend the wedding or not, but never complain of how much it cost. Sure she wants to see you on her wedding day, but she will totally understand if you can’t make it.

  1. “So, you want that as your wedding palette. Are you sure?”

    You should know that you can’t make anyone love your favourite colour if they already have chosen their own favourites. Why won’t you simply let the bride chose her own colour without you questioning her preferences? The color might have a special meaning for her and you don’t know it.

  1. “Oh, that’s your wedding gown! I think it looks nice.”

    That could be the worst thing you can say to a bride. She may take that statement very personally and it could ruin her day big time. So every time you feel like saying that particular statement, remind yourself of the old adage – if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Why not put your attention to something else – something that looks nice.

  1. “Gosh! That’s how much you spent for that?”

    If you are not paying for that something, then don’t make any comment about it. Again, it boils down to the meaning. Perhaps the flowers mean something to the bride that’s why she spent that much for it. You never know.

  1. “Of course, you are going to diet, aren’t you?”

    Please don’t discuss a woman’s weight. Not on any regular day, much more on her wedding day. So if you feel like commenting about her weight, suppress the feeling and hold your tongue.  

  1. “According to the weather channel, the climate’s not going to be nice on your wedding day.”

    Don’t make the bride any more concerned about the weather on her wedding day. She sure has checked the forecast a lot of times and has accepted the fact that she simply can’t control the weather no matter what she will do. Please don’t make the bride feel more worried by mentioning it.

  1. “It looks like you’re on a tight budget, aren’t you?”

    Know that it will certainly hurt the bride when people comment about the cost of her big day. No wedding is similar especially on the budget, but every bride is doing her best to get the most out of it as much as she can.


It’s bad to make negative comments about the bride’s whereabouts while she is planning the wedding, and it is worse when you do it on her wedding day. If possible, restrain yourself from saying these things during the big day…


  1. “Oh my! Look at you… You look like (insert name).”

    You might mean to give her a huge compliment by comparing her to someone else, but that might not how it’ll sound to her. So instead of comparing her to anyone, just tell her how beautiful she is.

  1. “Listen, don’t panic but…”

    Starting your sentence with something like this will certainly make her panic. So please, don’t do it. Period.

  1. “I thought it was only a joke when you said (insert name) was at your wedding.”

    Some things about the wedding might not make any sense to you, but for the bride and groom, it is special and perfect. So, don’t take away from that.

  1. “I saw everything here on Pinterest!”

    Of course, Pinterest now is a great source of wedding inspirations and ideas so don’t be surprised. It is most certain that the bride has something special and personal about everything she picked for her wedding. So stop reiterating the things you saw and simply tell her the things you love about her wedding.

  1. “How much did you spend for all of these?”

    Unless you are paying for her wedding, stop the urge to ask about the cost of anything. The bride knows too well the amount of money she spent on her wedding, you need not remind her about that.

  1. “I thought you were going to lose weight for your wedding.”

    Please stop making the bride feel extremely conscious about her looks on her wedding day. That is simply rude. You don’t know how much she tried to make herself look good for the big day.

  1. “Yes, I promised I’ll do this for your wedding, but I simply didn’t find the time to do it.”

    How could you not find some time on things for her wedding? She asked you to do it because you are special to her and she wants you to be part of her big day. Telling her you ‘have no time’ is totally hurtful.

These are only a few things you can tell to a bride that could hurt her big time. Be a little sensitive of her feelings and be mindful in choosing your words when talking with her because a wedding is a very emotional occasion and it could bring out all the emotions in her.


Have you encountered other statements that made any bride frown? Drop it in a comment below.