The world’s famous Olympic games have a long history of giving gold, silver, and bronze medalists with flowers. But, this year’s Rio Olympics recognition ceremonies is different. The traditional bouquet of flowers is gone. It was replaced with small 3-D sculptures of Rio Olympics logo.



Fans and the online community are arguing on the idea of giving medalists with sculptures instead of flowers. But the question is, if you are an Olympian would you prefer to receive a bouquet of flowers or a 3-D sculpture? Let’s take a look at the boon and bane of receiving flowers and sculptures in a prestigious tournament like Rio Olympics.


Three Dimensional Art

The giving of flowers to medalists has been a tradition to Olympic games. Many are wondering why the flowers are replaced with 3-D sculptures of Rio Olympic logo. The changing from the traditional bouquet of flowers to sustainable and lasting trinkets is just a small part of the Olympic committee’s  commitment towards environmental sustainability.


The international Olympic committee are now giving host countries the chance to change and improve how the ceremonies in the Olympic games can go. For instance, in Athens, the awardees were crowned with laurel wreaths in a nod to Ancient Games. As for Rio Olympics, they decided to replace flowers with a sculpture as part of their commitment towards environmental sustainability.

Flowers are too beautiful and precious to be thrown away by some athletes after the ceremony. So, the Rio Olympic committee decided to give the athletes with something imperishable- the 3D logo sculpture. Aside from the medallions, the committee wanted the athletes to remember their entire Rio Olympics experience through the logos.

But fans don’t seem to agree with these 3-D sculptures. Aside from flowers being a tradition and part of the history of Olympic games, there is something with flowers that can make the Olympians feel more special.


Bouquet of Grandeur


The traditional giving of flowers to Olympic medalists is inspired by the Ancient Games held in Greece. The victors were not awarded with medallions. Instead, they were showered with flowers and laurel leaves. In the modern Olympic games, outstanding athletes were given the traditional bouquet of flowers.

Flowers bring genuine happiness and extraordinary delight. It also has a long-term positive effect on a person’s mood. It elevates the person’s sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Rio Olympics organising committee may have their own environmental reason of replacing flowers with lasting and sustainable trinkets. In the end, whatever token of gratitude was given, the important thing is that the Olympians were given appreciation for the efforts they put during the Rio Olympics.

But for fans who want to make champions extra special, giving flowers is still the best. So if you are a fan who wants to give a champ with a fresh and artful bouquet, grab those fresh flowers online.