Whether you decide to express your heartfelt feelings with a bouquet of carnations or whether you choose to delve a bit deeper and pick our variegated carnations intended to express regret for not sharing those heartfelt feelings,flower delivery is certainly a flourishing business.

The topography and climate of Australia is so varied that flowers indigenous to Sydney and flowers that are native to plants in Cairns are likely to be totally different, although blooms in abundance can be cultivated just about anywhere the soil and eco-structure are suitable for them.

Flowers Native to Melbourne
A dusky green bell-shaped flower belonging to the Pimelea plant can be found growing profusely amidst the Dandenong Ranges not too far from Melbourne. This is just one of the indigenous flowers that Melbourne has available. Other flowers that Melbourne florists can source with ease include the Eremophila species as well as Phebalium, Isopogon and Darwinias, although this is just a small range of flowers that can be found within the vicinity of Melbourne. Many of these plants tend to be grafted onto hardier plants that might not normally have survived locally. This is especially the case when it comes to the fuschia and cream petals of the Pimealea Physodes, a plant that would normally be native to Western Australia.

Flowers Indigenous to Western Australia
In fact, there are around 12,000 plants native specifically to Western Australia, giving the local florist far more scope when it comes to flower delivery than simply having to rely on roses and carnations and probably far more appropriate when you want to send flowers locally. Many indigenous species of plants wield beautiful colour such as the reds of the Anigozanthos manglesii or the sunshine hues belonging to Dryandra polycephala, as well as the Eucalyptus macrocarpa which has become known as the ‘rose of the West’. Utilising local plants and blooms, when ordering flowers from the internet, would certainly add interest, despite many people still enjoying the traditional language of flowers provided by both the floribunda and the hybrid tea roses, and various grasses and other greenery to provide a greenery foil to bring out the more exotic blooms.

Flowers more suitable to Eastern Australia
Any plants growing in the sandy soils of Sydney need to be able to cope with such lack of moisture around their roots and, although there are many flowers available to Sydney florists can use that are native to this particular area, many of these tend to be protected species. The waratah is native to the mountains around Sydney and have, in fact, been adopted as this State’s personal flower.

Any local florist arranging to send flowers from Sydney could well use the shape and colour of this bloom as the basis for making up a bouquet to send out, perhaps interspersed with some of the creamy white blooms of the Actinotus that looks like a large, ragged daisy and is also a bloom native to this local area.

Then there is the beautiful aroma of the Boronia flower or the delicate lilac hues of the Stylidium. There is one thing for sure, blooms that Sydney florists send out to customers, with a bit of imagination and skill, can be created into a true extravaganza of colours and shapes, with enough heady aroma wafting past to capture the essence of nostalgia for long-forgotten memories of summers past.