Why are flowers the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Because your mother loves flowers, but she’d never dream of buying them for herself. She’d rather save up her money and buy something for you! Mother’s Day is not just an occasion for honouring your own mother. Mother’s Day is an homage to all the women who have nurtured and cared for you over the years. Flowers are an appropriate gift for your grandmother, your sister or even a beloved teacher. Find the best selection at the most affordable price at an online florist Mother’s Day

What are some of the more popular posies for a Bouquet Mother’s Day?

• Lily: In the Victorian language of flowers, lilies were symbolic of fruitful unions and long lasting partnerships. Lilies also represented fertility and so are particularly appropriate as Mother’s Day flowers for new mothers.

• Tulip: Tulips stand for undying love. Among the 17th century Dutch, tulips were so highly prized that a single bulb could cost 10 times more than a skilled craftsman’s yearly salary. Today, tulips are far more reasonably priced, particularly if you buy them from an online florist Mother’s Day!

• Iris: In ancient Greece, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. The flower grows in a rainbow assortment of colours though irises sold commercially are predominantly blue, yellow and white. Irises stand for faith, hope and wisdom, all qualities that a loving mother embodies.

• Rose: Roses are the flowers most closely associated with romantic love. Their symbolic meaning varies according to colour. Red roses represent the flowering of passion, while pink means a budding admiration and appreciation for the wonderful qualities someone possesses. The yellow rose stands for true understanding, a wonderful message to give to your mother as part of a Bouquet Mother’s Day.

• Orchids: Though we tend to think of orchids as rare, they’re actually one of the largest species of flowering plants with over 25,000 varieties. Whether they’re a single spray or as the centrepiece of a mixed bouquet, their striking appearance commands attention. Orchids carry the dual meanings of “beauty” and “luxury.” Both cut flowers and potted plants are one of the most popular of all Mother’s Day flowers.

• Carnation: Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flowers. In Australia, it’s customary for sons and daughters to celebrate their mothers on Mother’s Day by wearing a single carnation. A coloured carnation signifies your mother is alive; a white carnation means she has passed away. Whatever flower you choose to give to your mother on Mother’s Day this year, remember that you’ll always get the highest quality and the most affordable prices dealing with an online florist Mother’s Day.