Picnic Day

A combination of tropical urban and the close ties of country towns, the Northern Territory to create perfect spots for the celebration of the Picnic Day. This is a weekend long event participated by locals as a recognize formal holiday. People have the extra and free time to relax and be with family.

In this year’s celebration, let it be the best one you’ve ever had with these handy picnic tips.


Blanket is key

Picnic Day Blanket

Picnics are never complete without your blankets or it wouldn’t be a picnic after all. Can you imagine one without having comfortable blankets to lounge and eat at? No, right. You better head out to the store to get yourself the biggest and most cozy mat you can find.

Pick those which do not easily stain or get wet with a slight spill of drinks. A note of advice, though, place a shower curtain below the mat to prevent soaking it with dirt and moisture from the grass.


Crafty individual lunch boxes

Picnic Day Basket

They say that the journey should be as good as the destination. It applies to the preparation for the best picnic day ever too. Good food will definitely make the day simply an amazing one. So, why don’t you bring that crafty self to whip out creative lunch boxes?

It doesn’t have to be a box, but a container full of a sumptuous meal will do the trick. You can even add blossoms for decoration. The Northern Territory is full of  pretty flowers in Darwin.  If you are going out with the family or friends, then you will keep the excitement burning (and the fun) when you create these boxes together.  


Creative containers

picnic day food

It’s time to say goodbye to old and boring looking baskets. This is the most appropriate time to invest in functional ones or better yet create your very own. Online stores have an array of baskets to choose from and Pinterest will have you drool on beautifully done DIY picnic baskets.

As the Picnic Day is a day for relaxation and feeding your soul, make your basket selection or creation a fun endeavour. Be reminded that it is not about the price, it is the fun you had. So, make sure you made baskets with a great imagination!


Bike around

picnic day bike

Instead of bringing your car and be stressed out with finding parking spaces, you can just use your bike or rent one. This is more than just sleeping on the car seat. You can stop to appreciate the view and take pictures of them. If there is one thing people learn about biking, it is that every bike ride provides a new perspective on the world around us. This is because you are able to see the world around you than be confined inside the car. An added bonus is the exercise you get and the fewer car emissions.


Be with special people

Picnic Day with Family

The most important thing in every celebration is to be with the special people in your life. No matter how grand or simple the event is, it becomes memorable and extra special if you spend it with the ones you love.

This could also be the best time for you to be with the best person– yourself.

Make this picnic and activity of self-discovery.


Life is too short to be nothing but happy. May you have a memorable and joyous celebration!