When you say “spring race”, people become excited not just because of the race itself – but the fashion. Here you would witness men and women all looking classy with their flower dresses and elegant suits.

To be in the spotlight, everyone tries their best to dress according to the occasion. Each day during the Spring Racing Carnival has a signature flower called “flower of the day”. The last thing you would want to do is fail on your fashion. Prevent yourself from looking like out of place on this most anticipated event by associating your outfit to these 3 rose inspirations.

Yellow Rose

Jennifer Hawkins, Melbourne Cup 2015 |Image Source
















For the Emirates Melbourne Cup which will be held this coming November 5, expect to be in an exciting mix of festivity, sensational racing, and of course fashion – which makes it a sporting and cultural event that you absolutely don’t want to miss. This special day has this “celebratory air” so it is the perfect event for a strong fashion statement. You can opt for fashion with striking designs and bold colours. But if this is your first time and you have not witnessed this event before, you can just add a hint of yellow onto your fashion. For men, a simple yellow rose boutonniere will do the trick.

Pink Rose

Get your most romantic and feminine look ready for Crown Oaks Day on November 7. Considered to be “ladies day”, you will see women dressed up in their most feminine ensemble – reflecting the gentle ambience of a pink rose. This is also when Australian Department Store Myer announces their winner for Fashions on the Field, a national fashion competition.

Red Rose

As Melbourne Cup Carnival ends with Emirates Stakes Day which is to be held on November 9, men and women will wear a more relaxed but still festive fashion. People also regard the event as a “family day” because of its casual, garden party atmosphere. Since the red rose is the traditional flower for this day, everyone is compelled to follow the appropriate fashion for the occasion.

Whichever event you wish to attend this coming Spring Racing Carnival, make sure you follow the dress code and most importantly, you get to have fun. You can do  good research and ask others for advice on what to wear that would fit with the said prestigious event. Head dressers, florists and fashion enthusiasts are your best sources for delightful ideas on what to wear. To make things easier, you can just call a local florist online in Melbourne to arrange everything for you.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share with us your experience below!