Do you ever feel trapped, stuck or held back by your own doubt or fears? You are not alone. Many people hold on to ingrained beliefs that simply aren’t true or relevant to their personal development. If you want to start a new business, hobby or sport sometimes that little doubting voice in your head can be your worst enemy. Banish thoughts such as these: “I am too young/old to do that” (it is never too early or late to start something new) ; “I don’t have time” (10min here or there adds up over time); “There’s no money for that!” (it is amazing how much you can do with very little); “I don’t have enough education to do that” (possessing willingness and perseverance is far preferable to an MBA); or “I have physical limitations” (baby steps and doing your best will prevail). These are just a few examples of how we limit our growth through fears and doubt. Following are nine tips to getting free from those limitations:

1. To make the first step toward change, you must begin
To paraphrase the Lao-tzu quote: the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. To finish successfully, you have to get started. There is no time like the present.

2. Let go of the bad and focus on the good
Positive energy and a positive attitude will get you a lot further. Let go of what you can’t change and, instead, look to what you can change. Choose to dwell on things that are going well.

3. “Peace comes from within; don’t seek it without,” Buddha
This wise quote makes great advice. Material possessions, external circumstances, other people’s behavior–nothing will make you happy from the outside. Happiness starts with your own heart and soul.

4. Without the struggle, there is no strength
You can’t build strength without a little heavy lifting. Storms and tribulations will come; but you will out the other side stronger and better than ever.

5. Wake up and chase your dreams
Nothing can hold you back! You are who you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do. Make the decision to take one step toward a goal of yours today.

6. Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter
The biggest, brightest opportunities of life sometimes pass us by while we’re busy chasing temporary, less wonderful opportunities. The perfect job or perfect mate may take a little longer to get, but it will be well worth it.

7. Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath and remind yourself of who you are and where you’re going
Perspective is everything. Let yourself have a break sometimes to remind yourself where you’re at–and where you’re still going.

8. Be fearlessly authentic
Don’t let anyone hold you back. Be yourself–unashamed, unafraid. There’s something beautiful in a person who can be who they are boldly and purely.

9. Happiness is the highest form of health
Add the prescription for happiness to your daily regimen. Whatever makes you happy, find a way to make it fit into your life.

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As the Glee Club character pushes through her doubts in the video above, we hope you’ll use these tips to move beyond those aspects of your life which are holding you back. Another good way of letting go is to never take yourself too seriously. To close we have this hilarious version of the above by Will Ferrell, from his lip synch battle with Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon. Drew Barrymore even puts in a surprise appearance. Let it go.