For Australians, New Zealanders and people worldwide the line ‘Lest we forget’ is emotionally charged with patriotic virtue. The landings of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) at Gallipoli have been marked since the military action in 1915, and ANZAC Day has been a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand since 1921. This Saturday people will acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who have died in war that and future wars, along with the contributions made and suffering of all those who have served in the armed forces. One New Zealand veteran had his own unique way showing his remembrance.

Lest we forget

The tattoo posted by Pieces of Eight Tattoo Studio with the caption “Done yesterday on an ex army man, top bloke! Work by Derek.”

When New Zealand man Bruce Neal left a Wellington tattoo parlour last week, he knew he was doing so with a permanent mark on his chest; but little did he know the mark he was about to make on social media.

The 59-year old war veteran waited 41 years until he came across a design he loved – a series of ANZAC soldiers made up in the shape of New Zealand’s iconic emblem, the silver fern. The words ‘Lest We Forget’ are written underneath.

He saw the image on a Wellington waterfront where WWI soldiers had left for Gallipoli around a century ago, and when his wife spotted the same design on television soon afterwards, Mr Neal knew it was a sign.

“I thought ‘that’s it’. That means something to me,” Mr Neal said.

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It appears that the very creative and patriotic design means a lot to a lot of people. Photos of the extremely well executed tattoo were posted to social media by the Pieces of Eight Tattoo Studio, where it has since gone viral. The Facebook post currently has 132,671 likes and 49,425 shares. With ANZAC day fast approaching everyone here at would like to offer our hats off to “top bloke” Mr. Neal and all others who have served or lost loved ones.