You started thinking, is my partner being unfaithful? It is a question that many people ask themselves at some point in the relationship. Many people feel that it is the man that is first to stray but it is just as easy for the female to be the offender.

Infidelity in any relationship can be heartbreaking. Being treated like a fool provides a level of pain that can hurt for years. If you suspect your partner has been cheating, there are a few ways to find out before you ask the question that can’t be unasked. Perhaps you were unaware of things to avoid while in a relationship?

Here are a few signs that can help tell you if you are a victim of a cheating partner.

1. Your partner starts working out – If your partner suddenly starts working out and lifting the weights when they have shown no interest in the past. Is it a personal move or for that new special friend?

2. Loss of interest in Sex – Your partner no longer wants to spend quality time with you even if he or she is physically fit for bedtime cuddling. He or she seem preoccupied with other things, none of which is you.

3. Spending more time on the computer – Your partner spends more time on Social Media or texting their “work” friends. If all that activity has a new level of secrecy, there may be a problem.

4. New clothes – I know it may seam trivial but if your partner is wearing clothes they would have never worn before. It may be for someone special that is not you.

5. Your Gut – You know your partner. You can probably feel that something is wrong. Your gut instinct is seldom wrong.

6. Pointing out faults – If your partner starts pointing out things about you that he/she suddenly no longer like. It can be a sign that they are finding someone else more agreeable.

7. Wrong numbers at home – If you start getting wrong numbers and hang ups on your home phones and these numbers are blocked on your caller ID. Those calls may have not been for you.

8. Forgot special dates. A partner who fails to remember your anniversary, or any prior date you’ve agreed to spend quality time could be a sign of infidelity. Instead of you, your partner could be having other plans, hence the deliberate attempt to forget a special occasion. Otherwise, you’d be quick to refer him or her to the doctor for memory-related ailment.

Nobody wants to be a victim of unfaithfulness. By keeping your eyes open and your ear to the ground, you may be able to see it coming. Relationships are subject of many trials, don’t let infidelity be one that brings you down. Some relationships can survive these heartaches, others can’t. Forgiving your partner is a personal choice, being cheated on is not.