It is important not to discount a man’s appreciation for beauty when selecting a gift for the guy in your life. Like any other human being, a man has an affinity for the beauty of nature. Carefully selected flowers can touch a man’s heart. Flowers are a gift that will last over time. They can adorn a desk or workspace as a constant reminder of your affection.

The key to picking out flowers for men is to carefully consider the occasion. Flowers for him need to reflect the occasion itself. However, there are some general visual guidelines for selecting flowers for men. Men tend to prefer intense colors and well-defined contours. Plants and flowers that are inspired by more tropical flavors come up as winners. In addition to flowers, consider a sturdy, oxygen-producing plant.

flower_himBirthdays are a great occasion to give a living gift. Roses make the perfect birthday gift for a man because of their intense color. For the man that has little time to care for a plant, consider giving lilies. Flowers for men with more exotic tastes could include arrangements rich in orchids. If just the plant does not seem like enough for the gift, then incorporate plants into a gift basket. Buy a plant in an over-sized beer mug or sports-related container. Once the plant has lived out its life, the gift continues giving.

Christmas is the season for giving. Giving the man in your life Gerberas will allow his presence to be represented among the holiday decorations that make the season so special. These flowers are wonderful as a gift on Christmas morning or as a little something special to present before the gift-giving frenzy begins.

Plants are extremely popular additions around the office. When a man receives that coveted promotion or accommodation, a gift basket with flowers for him are the perfect way to honor the achievement. By choosing a gift basket, you can include items everyone in the office enjoys such as wine or candies. Once the goodies are gone, the plant remains for all to enjoy. Gift baskets of this kind provide perfect opportunities for customization. All the man’s favorites can be included with flowers for him. Flowers are also a popular choice for a general “Thank you” to any man in your life. Orchids are an elegant, simple plant that still retains a striking silhouette. Your appreciation echoes in its presence.