Happy Mother's Day
I love my Mom, really I do! But oh – how she can test my patience!


The indescribable rage I have in my head right now is almost too much for me to bear. The only thing I want to do is to storm out of the house, slam the door behind me, walk up an enormous hill, and never come back to my crazy household.

Seriously, I bet there are millions of young people out there who are in exactly the same position as me; when you and your Mom are having the worst fight ever, nobody is willing to back down, and all you want to do is to storm out of the front door tears streaming down your face, vowing never to come back home. On most occasions, this tantrum is shared, word for word with my best friend, as we basically experience the same situation at least a few times a month. But her situation is usually about studies, whereas mine… well, mine was actually about cookies…

Happy Mother's Day

I mean, what’s wrong with just having a little mess in my bedroom? It’s my bedroom! I demand the right to make it look as if a clothes bomb has gone off amid the organised chaos, right? Every now and then I’ve got to add some personality to my space; after all, I am an artist and I am supposed to be rebellious and insane (sometimes!). Which is why, I like to play around with food sometimes to explore my creativity and originality… I know…it’s deep stuff, and “Drama Queen” is not my nickname!

Looking back, I was a very responsible child when I was growing up. I always followed the rules and was pretty much a “Goody Two Shoes/Teachers Pet/Nerd” back when I was still at primary school! I rang my Mom every day when I finished school; and even now that I’m older and working , I ring her when I finish work…. as well as when I get home from work! I am now 20 years old and I’d like to tell my Mom that I can take care of myself!

Until recently, my Mom and I have never had a relationship where I can call her my best friend. I always saw her as someone who I should respect and look up to as my role model. Being a Mom is actually the hardest job to have in this whole world! Have you ever considered your Mom’s feelings about anything she’s going through and/or thinking? Or is she just someone who you only think of when you are short on some spending money?

This is when I really started to grow up a little. I started to think of all the things my Mom did for me; She had paid my school fees, she cooks my dinner, she takes me shopping, she organises parties for my birthdays! But here comes the best part; on those particular days, when we fought like cats and dogs, she still found the time and the heart to go out and buy my favourite cookies’n’cream flavoured Haagen Dazs Ice cream cake so we could share it and bond once again as Mother and Daughter. Really, what more can I ask from a Mom??!!

MOM im flying

More recently, I have actually started to enjoy my Mother’s company more. It was probably the age difference that created a barrier between us that we couldn’t break down as I grew up! I thought my Mom was a strange creature most of the time… Godzilla, wait in line! There were days when she just doesn’t feel like talking to you and every tiny, little detail would get her hackles up; that’s how crazy her moods were/are. Luckily we’ve both outgrown that phase, and basically we hang out all the time now! My Mother now seems more like a sister than a Mom! You wouldn’t believe the amount of clothes she owns from Zara compared to my measly collection! We do Mani/Pedi’s on each other regularly, practice make-up skills, dress up to “Hit the Town”; I never realised my Mom was such an awesome “Social Butterfly” and a great companion to go out with.

What do I think of my mum? She’s the hottest Mom in the world and I might be biased but I don’t care!

I guess the only thing there is left to say is … “Mom, I love you” and “I’ll try not to borrow your clothes ALL of the time!”

12th August is Mothers’ Day in Thailand; I am just here to remind you all, EVERY DAY should be Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful Mothers in the World!

Guest writer this week

Gillian Chau, Graphic Design Intern at zFlowers.com