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Boho theme has become a party favorite motif and design. Heartened by this, you and your friends organized a boho-chic themed party for the weekend. You planned on creating that perfect boho look accented with a sweet floral halo that will be at par with celebrity OOTDs.

These are six valuable flower crown tips to look fab and fashionable!

Creativity and Imagination

You may find yourself with limited materials for the project, and sometimes in a restricted time. Fortunately, creativity and imagination are boundless. Bring out your artistic self to layout a floral wreath design that tops off your outfit. You should choose blooms with colors and texture that will seamlessly go with the dress. The floral shades should also complement your complexion. But, there is nothing wrong in using other colors or flowers that you find most comfortable with.

Tools and Materials


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Creativity may be the heart of artistic projects. Tools and materials, however, brings life to your creative imagination. It is crucial to have the basic materials for making the crown. You should hunt down a pair of scissors, floral tapes or other green-colored tapes, glue gun with enough glue sticks, wrapped wire in either green or brown and of course your chosen blossoms. Feel free to grab other tools that will help in completing the crown.

Keep it real


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Astonishing flower crowns can be made with synthetic blooms. But like anything else fake, it cannot outplay real fresh flowers. If you are resourceful enough, you can get your hands on abundant fresh flowers. There are different florists to tap or order flowers or even pick from your grandmother’s garden. Be sure to ask nicely! It does not matter where these blooms sourced, just keep it real.

Complements the party theme


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When attending a party or organizing it for that matter, challenge your artistry by keeping the floral halo design to the theme of the event. For beach boho vibe, you may use vibrant tropical blossoms. White and pastel-colored florals will complete your boho-inspired outfit when attending weddings. For casual parties, you may stick to flowers with earth color tones as brown, dark oranges and warm green. There are numerous fashion blogs to give you the right inspiration. Selecting blooms to get that boho ensemble for different occasions only needs to bring out your natural artistic talents.


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Some flowers may not be available during certain seasons. Instead of getting all worked-up for not having the chosen variety, look for flowers that are in bloom during the season you decided on donning it. There are a lot of selections if you just know where to look. There are many florists online who can provide you with fascinating alternative blossoms to achieve your desired floral halo that will complete the boho accoutre.


The downside of using real flowers is that it will eventually wilt. Although, you may choose blossoms that do not easily wither, you can use spray solutions or even hair spray to keep those flower crowns alive and beautiful. There are also easy homemade solutions that can be concocted with the use of soda, bleach, and apple cider vinegar. Keep safety precautions when making your own solution, and read instructions carefully.

Wearable floral wreaths are not just a trend, but also a way of showcasing your inner fashionista. Can you imagine the fun making these crowns with the gang? Be a good friend and bring materials and flowers for everyone to share. You go, girlfriend!