Office romance can be intense. If they can keep their heads and behave with responsibility as they face some of the problems that relationships can have, then there is no reason why coworkers should not enjoy a romance.

Advantages of Office Romance:

When two people are put together in the same place with camaraderie and shared experiences, attractions tend to grow. The office offers many opportunities to get to know someone and find out what they are really like.

Office romanceShared Experiences
Workplace lovers often understand best how the other person’s day went. Romantic partners who can work together as a team are a powerful force for productivity.

It is good for everyone in the office to be exposed to the full spectrum of human behavior. Too often people lose themselves in their work and become unmoored from the world around them. Regular contact with varied social situations has been scientifically proven to help improve mood and therefore productivity. A happy relationship brings into the office the whole wonderful cycle of human experience. After all, some happy relationships end in marriage and children. An workplace romance that blooms into a family is an inspiration for the office where it began.

Disadvantages of Office Romance:

Relationships Sometimes End Badly
In truth all relationships end badly. Either they break up or somebody dies. But they are worth it for the time they are happening. When an office relationship crumbles there will be hurt feelings. There will almost certainly be some level of drama. It will be reigned in by the professionalism of all involved. If that professionalism is lacking, then the results can be disastrous.

Love Can Be Distracting
By the same token, office lovers who enjoy the relationship a little too much can also be difficult. If their eyes are always on each other, then their minds are never on their work. Office trysts, it goes without saying, are completely unprofessional.

Intense Emotions Can Affect Coworkers
Sometimes lovers cannot get enough of each other, and the constant display of affection can be a little much for coworkers. Some people require a hyperprofessional environment in order to do their best. There is really nothing wrong with that. However, such requirements for politeness and decorum can clash badly with office lovers. Some would say that it is nobody else’s business what people do. In fairness, when people are working in such close proximity as they do in an office, it is only polite and reasonable to respect their wishes for a less emotionally demonstrative workplace.