Every first of September, Australia celebrates the Golden Wattle Day honouring the country’s national floral emblem. Golden Wattle is one of Australia’s native flowers, and it has been used by the Aboriginal people for medicine, fuel, weapons, and even food.

This Wattle Day, get involved with the celebration through these fun and exciting activities.


5. Give gifts inspired by Wattle.

Share your passion for Wattle Day through gift-giving. There are a lot of wattle-inspired gift baskets in the market that you can buy.


4. Educate the children about Wattle through fun games and activities.

It could be an ideal opportunity for you to teach the children about the diverse native floras of Australia and how Wattle became the national floral emblem. There are a lot of fun games and activities you can do to make the lesson more interesting and exciting.


3. Invite your family and friends to a wattle themed gathering.

You can organise a picnic, or a simple gathering for your family and friends such as a morning tea, BBQ, lunch or dinner and have your dining ware or table setting accessorised with Wattle.

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2. Show off your wattle-inspired accessories.

This might be the easiest way to participate in Wattle Day. Wear something that is inspired by Wattle – a jewellery or any other type of accessories.


1. Plant wattle trees and shrubs.

What better way to celebrate Wattle Day than to help in the production of these symbolic flowers? While the schools are having their annual wattle planting day, you can also have your own family schedule a wattle planting day at your backyard.

Wattle represents the environment and history of Australia – diverse and strong-spirited. Yet, despite being diverse, wattle also symbolises unity. Wattle Day is a great opportunity to celebrate Australia’s culture along with all of its good quality and beauty.